CBP Officer LaPierre at San Diego Border

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By: JB
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San Ysidro and Otay Mesa Border

This man caused me to be falsely arrested/detained at Otay Mesa Border Crossing because I refused to flirt with him. During his deposition he said he had no recollection of me or that he lied about me having drugs which caused me to be strip body cavity searched/and sexually assault me because he lied and told his supervisor a dog alerted to drugs in my vaginal area. Yes - supervisor stated LaPierre told him this.

Technically they were all involved because all supervisor had to do was confirm with dog handler if dog alerted to drugs when sniffing me. Dog handler stated in deposition he never said dog alerted to drugs.

You can see his picture on Facebook - he identifies as former gunner and Inf Airborne Transporter in United States Army.

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