Atlanta Police Officer Armond Jones Charged with Aggravated Assault

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The media lists Atlanta Police officer Armond Jones as currently facing aggravated assault charges for using excessive force against Messiah Young and Taniyah Pilgrim. The news also has a mugshot of him which you can see by clicking the source link above this paragraph, but oddly his information cannot be fond on the Fulton County Jail website ( We were able to get basic biographical information about the other officers by typing their names into the inmate search at the Fulton County website, but we cannot find Armond Jones. We thought he might still be at large until we saw his mugshot.

Due to a lack of biographical data we are unable to locate additional information about Jones. Public records list too many people with the first and last names "Armond" and "Jones" for us to conclusively identify any of them as this Armond Jones.

The news says that Jones' charges are for throwing one the victims on the pavement and threatening them by pointing a taser at them, which is technically assault since such conduct puts people in fear of imminent bodily harm.

The other officers involved were Willie Sauls, Mark Gardner, Ivory Streeter, and Roland Claud. You can find profiles of the others at

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