Los Angeles Sheriff's Deputies Shot, is it Payback for Dijon Kizzee?

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Was the ambush of two Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department (LASD) deputies payback for the killing of Dijon Kizzee and the heavy handed crackdown on protesters following Kizzee's murder? Honestly we do not know, but like a lot of people we are wondering. The LASD has a long and shameful history of abusing the people of Compton, California where this shooting took place. It is entirely possible that this shooting was retaliation for something completely unrelated to Kizzee's murder or possibly just someone that hates cops in LA so much that shooting them in Grand Theft Auto V just didn't satisfy his urges anymore and he finally wanted to try the real thing. We simply do not know, but we can think of reasons why something like this would happen.

Los Angeles County Sheriff Alex Villanueva has yet to release the names of the deputies that shot Kizzee over 20 times in his back. Civil rights lawyer Ben Crump has called the Kizzee's murder an execution. Kizzee apparently punched one of his killers, but that and the rest of his conduct did not justify 20 bullets in the back. People understandably took to the streets demanding justice after that, but as usual justice has been denied. Did one of those protesters seek justice on his own? Was he tired of systemic racism, unjustified shootings of black men in his neighborhood, being gassed and beaten for protesting peacefully, and finally decided to do something about it? Signs point to maybe or maybe even probably. The attack on two deputies that appear to have been selected at random could have been the work of someone that wished he knew where to find Kizzee's killers, but decided to settle for those that enabled Kizzee's killers. Enabled Kizzee's killers by being voluntary cogs in the wheel of injustice that wouldn't be able to keep their knees on peoples necks without them.

Another possible theory is that this shooter was a lone nut; possibly radicalized by violent video games. Everyone that has played Grand Theft Auto V knows how fun it is to ambush cops just like yesterday's real life cop blaster did. Violent video games like Grand Theft Auto have historically been blamed for mass shootings because they desensitize people, fuel violent fantasies, and eventually some gamers get tired of the video game and want to try the real thing (https://www.usatoday.com/story/tech/talkingtech/2019/08/05/do-violent-video-games-really-drive-people-commit-mass-shootings/1924128001/). We do not think that is the case here, but we cannot rule it out.

Was the shooter a former inmate seeking revenge against the LASD for how he was treated in the Los Angeles County Jail? The Los Angeles County Jail is considered by many to be one of the worst jails in America. It has been sued many times by the ACLU and the U.S. Department of Justice for violating the rights of inmates (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Men%27s_Central_Jail#Violence_and_lawsuits). Could this guy be an angry ex-con that realized he could get some payback and people would probably think it had something to do with Kizzee? Anything is possible at this point.


We have no idea who the shooter is or why he did it. All we know is that nobody will be able to ID him from the grainy surveillance photos, so as long as he keeps his mouth shut and anyone that knows about it keeps their mouths shut, he should be just fine. He also might want to throw that gun in the ocean, bathe himself in bleach to get rid of the gun powder residue, and burn the clothes he wore.

Ari Fleischer compared this to the murder of George Floyd today saying that nobody celebrated the death of George Floyd. That is a bad analogy since George Floyd was an innocent person and those LASD deputies were part of an occupying force. The Ambush of Geary really is a much better analogy (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ambush_of_Geary). In that case several British soldiers were ambushed and killed by local citizens during the American Revolution. Like the LASD, the mere presence of the British Army was enough of a threat that taking them out was celebrated.

DHS Secretary Chad Wolf said this attack was without provocation. We replied as follows:

"Without provocation? Their presence is the provocation. By repeatedly violating the constitution you swear to uphold your government has repeatedly waived any legitimate claim of right to govern at all." Cop Blaster on Twitter (https://twitter.com/CopBlaster/status/1305281795491942400)

Due to Twitter's character limit we had to cut off the last sentence which described anyone wearing a local, state or federal uniform as an occupying traitor. We see no difference between this and the Ambush of Geary (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ambush_of_Geary) when patriot militiamen ambushed British dragoons in 1776.

A $100,000 reward was announced today. That shows that the cops really have no clue who this guy is. Some guy tweeted a license plate last night with but would not say where it came from (the profile called himself a deputy). Like we said, as long as people keep their mouths shut and don't sell this guy out he should be fine.

The LASD has already responded to this by wrongfully arresting a radio reporter who was just trying to film protesters at the hospital https://twitter.com/TheChalkOutline/status/1305030195066236928

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