How to Survive the Gun Control Apocalypse!

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The fake news media is quick to exploit extreme incidents of gun violence in America to support abolishing the 2nd Amendment. Even if they could unconstitutionally take everyone's guns away it would be too little too late. The internet and 3D printers have made it almost impossible for the government to ever be able to stop truly dedicated people from arming themselves.


Technically, the only thing that makes a gun a gun for the purpose of being considered in possession of a gun under the law is the receiver. If you don't have a receiver you don't have a gun. This has created an entire industry dedicated to selling kits containing every necessary part needed to easily assemble the kit into a receiverless gun. The most popular kits are believed to be handgun kits but assault rifle kits are also popular. These kits are known as full build kits (examples:

The video below shows a rando from the internet known as Barnacules Nerdgasm talk about how easy it was to 3D Print an AR-15 lower receiver. If you bother to download the FOSSCAD 4.8 collection you'll notice blueprints for AR-10 and AR-15 lower receivers. The AR-10 is a more powerful variant of the AR-15 which uses 7.62 mm rounds. You'll also notice blueprints for M-16 receivers with auto-sears. That combo should effectively convert your single shot semi-automatic AR-15 into a fully automatic M-16 assault rifle (learn more at


We recommend receiving some basic rifle training before arming yourself for anything. You could do that by seeking out classes in your area or you could seek government help. The government will turn just about anybody without a felony record into a trained killer as long as you swear an oath to kill for them as directed. As we sit here watching live coverage of the mass shooting in Maine we are reminded that the government usually has a hand in training mass shooters and other violent individuals. Maine shooter Robert Card as well as Oklahoma City Bomber Timothy McVeigh and his accomplice Terry Nichols were all trained to kill by the U.S. Army. The Marine Corps shares a similar legacy by including Texas Tower Sniper Charles Whitman and alleged JFK assassin Lee Harvey Oswald among their ranks ( There have been at least 20 "mass" shootings on U.S. military bases alone (

Mass shooting has been around for awhile and continue to get worse more the government uses them to keep victims from being able to defend themselves. The more people lose their guns the fewer people can defend themselves and others the next time a government trained killer snaps.


To protect and defend the constitution you owe it to your fellow Americans to at least download the FOSSCAD files just in case such files themselves become prohibited. Buy a 3D printer also just in case the government demands that people register them like drones. Then at least you can claim to have lost the printer rather than register it for future confiscation should the government deem anything about you worth prohibiting your possession of such printers.


Nobody associated with this website has ever owned let along used a 3D printer. This article is merely a summary of what we've learned from the internet about 3D printing guns.

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