Woody Harrelson's Dad's Boss' Prosecutor Sidney Powell Backstabs Trump

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Before Woody Harrelson became a Hollywood legend, his father was stolen from him by the federal government for helping victims of government overreach fight back. Harrelson's father's employer was also prosecuted but ultimately acquitted thanks in part to having an incompetent prosecutor. That prosecutor was Assistant United States Attorney Sidney Katherine Powell. Powell has been making headlines lately as the first former member of Donald Trump's legal team to plead guilty and pay restitution.


Richard Nixon's war on "drugs" laid the foundation necessary to erect the temples of tyranny which house the federal government today. Jamiel Chagra was one early casualty in the war on "drugs" (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jamiel_Chagra). Chagra ran a plant importation business believed by prosecutors to be one of the most successful in the country. In 1979, Chagra was busted by the feds for "drug" trafficking and faced up to life in federal prison. A life sentence was practically guaranteed when his case was assigned to United States District Judge John H. Wood known to many as "Maximum John" for regularly handing down harsh sentences. Chagra had little choice but to fight back or roll over, beg for mercy, and accept a life sentence despite doing nothing morally or ethically wrong. Unwilling to be just another victim, Chagra fought back by paying Charles Voyde Harrelson $250,000 to clean up the bench.

Charles Harrelson was already a successful cleaner with a stellar reputation at the time (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Charles_Harrelson). He proved that reputation well earned by removing Wood from the bench without allowing Chagra to take the fall for any of it despite Sidney Powell's best efforts. Harrelson was convicted of "murder" and sentenced to life in federal prison where he died in 2007.

Powell indicted Chagra on a charge of conspiracy to commit "murder" in addition to the "drug" trafficking charges he was already facing. Chagra was subsequently convicted of "drug" trafficking but acquitted of the "murder" conspiracy charge due to Powell fumbling the prosecution. Chagra still got 30 years for the "drug" trafficking but was released in 1993 despite only serving less than half his sentence for "health reasons" according to the government. He died in 2008 not long after admitting his role in the removal of Judge Wood. Hopefully his work did and will always serve as a reminder to the government that their titles do not entitle them to do whatever their laws claim to allow. When they enforce their laws too heavy handedly the people will eventually have enough.

Not all judges are as bad as Judge Wood was. We point this out because not all judges are evil necessarily There are judges known for being fair or at least far more reasonable when being unfair. Those judges will punish people but won't completely ruin their lives just for breaking other men's laws. Unfortunately, judges in this country have not all learned the lesson they should've learned from Judge Wood. That lesson being that just because the legislature says something doesn't make it right and it certainly doesn't make it right to do what the legislature wants just because you can. When Congress is full of tyrants it is the court's place to tell them they're wrong not to uphold their edicts.


You can search fake news sites for the latest headlines pertaining to Sidney Powell's involvement in the Trump cases. She is being used as a symbol of victory due to being the first to actually pay restitution. The media presents this like she switched sides when in fact she's always been on the government's side. People will tell you that a cop is always a cop. Likewise, a prosecutor is always a prosecutor. Finding work in private practice just means she became a better paid prosecutor. Asking a "former" prosecutor to flip isn't asking much of anything at all.

You can learn more about the man who got away with "murder" under Powell's watch. We put "murder" in quotes because when we the people have had enough, tyrant removal becomes a public service. If a judge doesn't want to worry about ending up like Judge Wood don't hand down heavy sentences people don't deserve. Nobody deserves to be in prison just for drugs.


Sidney Powell is just another prosecutor gone home to roost after failing in private practice. Not good enough to get the big goose but still good enough to bag more geese than the worst prosecutors you'll find at the federal level. Calling this a "flip" is inappropriate.

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