Green Bay Officer Matthew Knutson Quits After Hitting Suspect with Car

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Green Bay Police Officer Matthew Knutson resigned this week after the GBPD found him guilty of violating their use of force policy. He was convicted of attempted official misconduct back in October for how he reported not hitting anyone with his car when he actually did. Ironically, he got into no trouble at all for actually hitting someone with his car and only got in trouble for omitting the vehicular battery from his report. He was fined $500.

The victim in this case was charged with resisting arrest and operating a vehicle while revoked. According to media sources, those charges were dismissed as part of a plea bargain that resulted in convictions in other cases.

This case is a typical miscarriage of justice consistent with other recent cases of officers assaulting fleeing victims with their cars. In 2020, we helped expose the identity of Florissant Police Detective Joshua Smith who struck a fleeing victim with his SUV ( Smith was later convicted of a misdemeanor. Later that year Portland Police Officer Scott Groshong was caught on camera striking a fleeing victim with his vehicle ( Groshong was later convicted of Assault III and official misconduct. This author just happens to have a personal history with Groshong's wife ( Both Joshua Smith and Scott Groshong were sentenced to probation.

According to public records, Matthew Douglas Knutson is a 41 year old resident of Green Bay, Wisconsin.

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