Judge Andrew Wilkinson Removed from Bench by Pedro Argote

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Pedro Manuel Argote, 49, finally had enough last night when he removed Maryland Circuit Court Judge Andrew Wilkinson from the bench forever. Just that afternoon Wilkinson awarded custody of Argote's 4 children to their mother as part of divorce proceedings. We thought about not mentioning Argate due to him being a wanted fugitive, but the story has now gone viral and has been picked up by every major media outlet that we know of in America and across the pond, so we don't think this article is likely to help the police at all.

According to media reports, the worst local law enforcement could say about Argote was that they'd been called to his home twice in recent years after his wife Eugenia Argote snitched on him over alleged "verbal domestic assaults" that if substantiated would not violate the law. There is no such thing as a "verbal domestic assault" crime. The only type of assault you can criminalize is physical assault which typically involves at least putting someone in fear of imminent bodily harm by subjecting them to offensive physical contact which absent intent to place someone in fear of physical harm is just harassment. Technically, physical contact intended to injure is almost always considered battery not assault. You can't verbally batter anybody, so unless your "verbal assault" is a true threat, attempt to blackmail, lies told under oath, or something like that, the statement is likely to be considered free speech under the law which is protected by the First Amendment. If this author had kids and had them taken away due in whole or in part for giving their mother a verbal tongue lashing I'd be mad as hell as well.

The fact that Argote killed Judge Wilkinson and not his wife despite her likely being a softer target is puzzling. Was it because he loved his kids enough not to take their mother away? That is a common answer or perhaps he thought Judge Wilkinson a bigger threat to society than his wife. It is hard to think of a bigger threat to fathers than judges willing to ban then from their homes and children for petty things like yelling at their wives. We have been unable to locate the actual order but will continue looking. Media reports made it sound as though Judge Wilkinson basically evicted Argote from his home, ordered him not to have any contact with his wife or kids unless she initiated it, and ordered him to pay $1,120 as child support for their 4 children. If this sweeping ban were not based on serious allegations supported by real evidence it wouldn't surprise us if Wilkinson did the same thing to other people. If Judge Wilkinson has harmed you in any way we would love to hear from you, visit https://copblaster.com/contact/ today.

In coming days we will do more online research and hopefully will be able to update this article information about Judge Wilkinson's job performance. We will be looking for things like statistics pertaining to him and other judges overseeing child custody disputes in the same area. We'd like to know how often Judge Wilkinson ruled in favor of the woman relative to other judges.

Just one man finally having enough and doing something about it often leads to revelations. People generally don't kill other people for no reason. There must be more to this story than the media has learned. Based on what we know so far it seems like Argote married a squealer who took most of what and who he cared about most likely by exploiting victimhood culture to weaponize the court. We think most people in Argote's position can relate to that.

We hope enough people can relate to Argote and anyone whose ever lived in fear of being kidnapped by the government to help Argote rather than the police should he grant you the privilege of his company while on the run. If you see him approach, introduce yourself, let him know you know who he is, and offer to help. If you're one of the decent few willing to help him you probably have political reasons that make sense to him, so explain those reasons. Whether it is food, shelter, clothes, or just whatever cash you can spare anything will surely be appreciated. Staying on the move and not being recognized are the things Argote needs to focus on most. If you could get him clothes, hair dye, contact lenses, fake IDs, a GoFundMe, or just a ride somewhere that would be great.

Hopefully, this case will make every judge in America and beyond think twice before taking a man's kids and making him find a new place to live while still having to cover his wife's expenses.

You can learn what we've learned for the most part from the video below. Notice how they call it a "targeted attack on Judge Wilkinson" while claiming to have officers stationed outside homes of other judges just in case? If this was a "targeted attack on" a specific individual such fearmongering is completely unnecessary. People who target specific individuals usually leave other people alone.

UPDATE: The U.S. Marshals have announced a $10,000 reward for information leading to his capture. Anyone claiming such a reward will probably be questioned by the media. Journalists will want to know how you knew what you knew. They may or may not allow you to remain anonymous. Argote's attorneys and most likely Argote himself will have the right to learn your true identity during the discovery process which will likely include extensive background checks on all involved. The defense may or may not refer to you by name in court filings which more often than not find their way onto the internet in high profile cases such as this one. Court records aggregation websites like CaseText.com can rank high in Google search results containing names of people including YOURS.

We do not recommend taking the risk of being known as a snitch for the rest of your life in search of such a petty prize. Protecting yourself from a bad jacket is worth a lot more than $10K. Then having to worry about Argote potentially getting out with a score to settle is simply too much for anyone with information about him to reasonably be expected to risk. Remember that any number of technicalities could set him free again if captured in just a few years.

To view the petty prize yourself click the PDF icon above the body of this article next to the link that says, "Wrong Race Wanted Post", or simply visit: https://copblaster.com/uploads/files/pedro-argote-wanted-reward.pdf

Notice how Pedro Manuel Argote is listed as white despite obviously being Latino. A lighter complexion than most Latinos but clearly not to the point of making him white. The U.S. Marshals website still lists Argote as white (https://www.usmarshals.gov/what-we-do/fugitive/local/pedro-manuel-argote) and Argote is still free. Maybe being told to be on the lookout for a white male might have something to do with why they can't find this Hispanic male.

Argote has been found dead according to police. They claim his body was found about a mile away from where his car was found. Strange they didn't find it sooner.

They'll probably call it a suicide and close the case real quick. If they did find him elsewhere, kill him, and move the body there they wouldn't want anyone looking around, so suicide is what they'll call it.

STILL FREE: Maybe somebody noticed the racial oversight on the flier and gave him a spray on tan thus reducing the likelihood of any officer told to look for a white man suspecting him at all.

The U.S. Marshals have announced a reward of $10,000 for information leading to his capture. A pathetic sum considering you'll likely be known as a snitch for the rest of your life. Plus, all it takes is a technicality for him to be released in the near future with your name on his list.

I wouldn't want to be known as a snitch for a measly $10K. That kind of thing will get inmates the money they've always wanted to blow at the canteen only to get smashed off the yard for putting someone in there.

The Marshals have released a flier promoting their "reward" but didn't even get his race right. Pedro Manuel Argote is not white, he is Latino.

UPDATE: According to media reports, the cops have found Argote's empty Mercedes but the custody rights crusader remains free.

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