Deputy Paul Simpson Admitted Being "Played Out" A Long Time Ago

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Deputy Paul Simpson of the Multnomah County Sheriff's Office (MCSO) admitted no longer being fit for duty nearly three years ago by saying he was "played out," but despite that he remained on duty for at least another year and his DPSST certification remains active in the state's system, so he is probably still on the job at the Multnomah County Detention Center (MCDC). In 2017 Deputy Simpson stated in an incident report:

"Sullivan was then taken out of the cell by Barker and lngram. Sullivan outside his cell then refused to walk and went to dead weight. I help Barker and lngram lift Sullivan back to his feet. Sullivan per his inmate card weight 230 pounds. Barker ordered him to walk. Hubert at this time ask if I was alright. He could tell I was played out. I am 55 years old and have a documented lower back injury from my time at the corrections academy. I was played out both mentally and physically from Sullivan verbal and physical attack on me." - Paul Eugene Simpson (MCSO)

When entering a cell, watching other deputies punch an inmate, and helping four other deputies move one guy makes you played out then you are not fit for duty anymore. On top of that he lied about being kicked by the inmate. Eventually the assault charge involving him was dropped because Simpson never sought medical care, took any pictures, or provided any proof of injury whatsoever. It is not possible for him to have felt the spicy chip powder hours later because that powder wears off after several minutes. This author rubbed a finger covered in it in his own eye to see if Simpson and the others could be telling the truth. He was fine within 20-30 minutes.

The other deputies mentioned by Simpson were Timothy Barker, Philip Hubert, and Matthew Ingram.

Deputy Simpson gave a sworn declaration in the lawsuit last month in which he committed perjury by falsely accusing the inmate of kicking during the above mentioned incident.

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