Ryan Cook and Ivan Lopez-Mendoza Can't Prove Their Claims in Court

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Deputies Ivan Lopez-Mendoza and Ryan Cook testified against Jeremy Christian at the sentencing phase of his trial with no proof to back up their claims that Jeremy made certain statements while in custody. They had no proof because they don't wear body cameras at the Multnomah County Detention Center (MCDC) and most of the cameras at MCDC do not record. People that have seen the TV show Jail might think I am wrong, but that is because the cameras in booking are the only ones that record. All the cameras upstairs in the housing units are for observational purposes only. I found this out when I was falsely accused of assaulting multiple deputies and asked for all video evidence. Their response was that the cameras in the housing units did not record, so they were going to rely on the testimony of sworn deputies with years of experience. Eventually forensic evidence proved I was telling the truth and all but one charge was dropped (I entered a guilty plea to one count of throwing spicy chips at one deputy).

Why don't the cameras record? Obviously there is something about that jail that makes recording the goings on there such a liability that it is not worth having proof to back up staff accusations in cases like Jeremy Christian's. They would rather rely on the testimony of deputies since most ordinary people consider them to be credible and they are not likely to be proven wrong in court often enough for the MCSO to feel the need to record all the stuff they don't want the public to see.

In this case Deputy Ryan Cook testified that he heard Jeremy Christian use racial slurs towards a deputy. Deputy Ivan Lopez-Mendoza testified that Jeremy said things about being a viking and a patriot. Their testimony was offered at sentencing in support of sentencing enhancement factors.

Deputy Lopez-Mendoza was previously featured on this website for calling it "**** Blaster" https://copblaster.com/blast/162/****-blaster-ivan-lopez-mendoza and Ryan Cook was mentioned in a piece about the mainstream news failing to scrutinize correctional deputies in this case https://copblaster.com/blast/3359/jail-incident-reports-treated-as-credible-by-mainstream-press.

*Address listed is for Ryan Cook.

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