Jeremy Christian Jury Asked to Prove Their Incompetence Yet Again

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Judge Cheryl Albrecht is asking the Jeremy Christian jury to prove its incompetence one last time. This time by asking them to make findings in support of sentencing enhancements. Anyone familiar with this case could already tell you that this jury will certainly answer in the affirmative for every question because if the did not believe that all of them applied they would not have convicted him of every charge already. The proposed enhancement factors along with our brief analysis of each are as follows:

1. The probability that the defendant cannot be rehabilitated is high.

- When a jury convicts someone on every count unanimously, two of those counts are for first degree murder, and that defendant has any prior criminal history, the jury will most likely conclude that the defendant cannot be rehabilitated. They won't care that he didn't get diagnosed with Autism until just recently and never had a chance to live life knowing what was wrong with him. They are not going to give him the chance to get treatment for his newly diagnosed condition and live in the community with skills that would help him better understand himself and the world.

2. The defendants crimes were precipitated by his unreasonable racial and religious bias.

- Had the jury found correctly that the violent crimes were motivated by self-defense he would not have been convicted of first degree murder and assaulting Demetria Hester. They also would not have convicted him on harassment charges directed at the two black girls one of which was wearing a hijab. A competent jury would have convicted him of manslaughter because a diminished mental capacity caused him to feel the need to defend himself the way he did. A competent jury would not have convicted him of assaulting a women that was assaulting him with mace as he was walking away from her and before he responded by throwing his Gatorade at her.

3. The defendant demonstrated no remorse for his acts.

- He has expressed remorse at times in private when he really thought about it. This author heard that remorse expressed personally. Make no mistake, he wishes that nobody died. That is a fact. Still, his statements since the incident will be construed by the jury as showing no remorse because he made a self defense claim. That is a justification defense and no jury that rejects that argument will consider the person they convict to really be remorseful. Saying things in court like "free speech or die" and "you call it terrorism, I call it patriotism" will be construed by this jury as a total lack of remorse. Doing things like agreeing to be a product spokesman to help us promote this website with his knife testimonial ( would not help him either, but fortunately we won't contribute to this farce by legitimizing it with our testimony.

4. The defendants acts demonstrated his callous disregard for the value of human life.

- By rejecting the self-defense argument, the jury has already concluded that in their opinion, Jeremy Christian acted with callous disregard for human life. A jury never convicts anyone of first degree murder without already making that conclusion.

5. The defendant is likely to commit future acts of violence.

- This is not the first time Jeremy Christian has been accused of violent behavior, so the jury will most certainly find in favor of this enhancement. Judges and juries don't need much to make this finding. Just one prior is enough to get one of these idiots to think that he will do violent things again just because he has done them before.

6. The defendant was at least 18 years old when the murders were committed.

- He was 35 years old.


Jeremy Christian is absolutely 100% completely screwed for the remainder of proceedings at the trial court level. He does have several issues that are ripe for appeal. If he loses his appeals then there will be ineffective counsel options available to him. This phase of the trial is a complete waste of tax payer money that serves only to help Judge Albrecht sculpt her justification for whatever way she decides to give him a life sentence. It allows her to say that her hands are tied by the jury on certain things.

As expected, the jury proved their incompetence again today by answering yes to all of the enhancement questions they were given.

It would be interesting if THIS jury for some reason found in Jeremy's favor on any of these. It would undermine confidence in the verdict, but the likelihood of that happening is so slim this really is a waste of time.

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