Jeremy Christian Crucifixion Date Set for March 27th

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It was announced today that the Crucifixion of Jeremy Joseph Christian has been set for March 27, 2020 at 9:00 AM Pacific Time in the courtroom of Judge Cheryl Albrecht at the Multnomah County Circuit Court in Portland, Oregon. They will probably torture him a little bit before nailing him to a cross and leaving him there to rot for the rest of his life. A sad fate for a man so disabled that he manged to get himself attacked on the Max two days in a row. The first day he was attacked by Demetria Hester with mace while he was walking away from her. The second day he was exercising free speech in an unpopular manner when a group of men got in his face and Micah Fletcher escalated things by throwing him on the ground in an attempt to coerce him into leaving the train. Jeremy responded to Fletcher's actions by stabbing anyone he perceived as a threat at the time.

Jeremy Christian suffers from Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and as a result he lacks the mental capacity to form rational intent in emotionally charged situations like the one on the Max the day he stabbed three men. Two of those men died and for that he will most likely spend the rest of his life in prison. People seem too preoccupied with whether or not Jeremy is racist to really look at the case right.

This author knows Jeremy Christian personally and thinks he might be a little racist or maybe he was just calling a black cop the n-word out of hatred for cops in general knowing that the n-word would surely offend that particular officer a great deal. Jeremy has spent a lot of time in prison and as an ex-con himself, this author knows that everyone in prison is a little racist because prison is a segregated society where everyone thinks their race is the best. The government made this entire case about race and that was a good strategy for them in a progressive city like Portland. It was enough to get a man convicted of assaulting a black woman that maced him before he threw a plastic bottle full of booze at her in response. All she had to do was say that he directed racist insults and threats at her. That was enough to make them look the other way when the video footage was shown. They took her at her word even thought she has priors for crimes of dishonesty including forgery. The same went for the following day. The jury obviously was so preoccupied with whether or not any of them would have wanted to intervene the way the three men did that they didn't care if Micah Fletcher committed a felony against Jeremy Christian or if they placed him in fear for his safety.

They certainly didn't want to find that ASD made him less culpable. They probably felt that doing so would give anyone with ASD a license to stab people that they piss off. They bought the whole argument that Jeremy intended to provoke people into attacking him so that he could justify killing them in self-defense. That is not true. Jeremy went on the Max to troll people in public as usual when he found himself in over his head before he could make a rational decision. He acted on instinct because his brain works differently. That is all. People say that having ASD does not make people violent. That is true, but Jeremy also has post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). PTSD is well known to make people violent and ASD impairs the ability to properly cope with PTSD symptoms. That dual diagnosis caused Jeremy Christian to react the way that he did. If he just had some time to calm down he would not have stabbed those men.

People have called this author a Nazi for making the aforementioned arguments. They think that only a Nazi would defend someone like Jeremy Christian. They don't bother to learn that there are people that know him personally that are not Nazis and they defend him because they know the truth. A Nazi would defend Jeremy by saying that he did the right thing. That has never been the position of This author's position has always been that there were circumstances in this case that lowered Jeremy's culpability level below that of first degree murder.

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