Consistencies Between Jeremy Christian and Walia Mohamed's Statements

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Jeremy Christian's Psych Eval:

When Jeremy Christian showed me Chapter 10 of "American Hate: Survivors Speak Out" I was surprised to see that some of Walia Mohamed's statements were actually consistent with Jeremy's statements. Statements that Jeremy made during his psychological evaluation and to me personally. In support of this posting I am providing a link to excerpts from American Hate and I am uploading a copy of Jeremy Christian's psychological evaluation.

In his evaluation, Jeremy Christian first told Dr. Mark Cunningham, "You don't like free speech? Move to Saudi Arabia and see how that works - get your head cut off!" That sounds a lot like things Jeremy would say at the jail along the lines of "If you don't like free speech, then get out[of America]!" According to Dr. Cunningham, Jeremy described the statement that provoked the final confrontation on the train as, "You guys want to hear my plan for world peace? If you want world peace, all you have to do is get one billion Christians and one billion Muslims to kill each other, then all the Jews will kill themselves because they will have no one left to manipulate!"

Fast forward to Chapter 10 of "American Hate" where Walia Mohamed described Jeremy Christian as saying, "Go back to Saudi Arabia" and "He was yelling stuff about Muslims and Christians as well."

Notice the overlapping statements. First that Jeremy admits saying "Move to Saudi Arabia" if you don't like free speech and saying things about killing Muslims. Second that Walia says that Jeremy was saying stuff about Christians in addition to Muslims. In my experience working with the injustice system I have learned that the prosecution has one story, the defense has another, and 99% of the time the truth can be found somewhere in between. A crowded commuter train is not the best environment to hear everything that is being said by anyone no matter how loud they are. It is entirely possible that Jeremy did say what he says he said and that Walia did not hear what he really said or does not recall exactly what he said. When I read that chapter at the jail I realized that it is entirely possible that Jeremy said what he told Dr. Cunningham he said and that Walia thinks she heard what she says she heard. By all accounts it sounds like Micah Fletcher was sitting some distance from Jeremy. There are several parts of what Jeremy says he said that Micah could have heard and gotten the wrong message. The statements "move to Saudi Arabia" and "Muslims to kill each other" could easily be interpreted by someone in Micah's position as something advocating for the death of Muslims and possibly telling Muslims to move to Saudi Arabia. That is why I am really curious to see what the videos of the incident reveal. This whole thing could be a tragic misunderstanding.

When things happen as fast as they did on the train, people rarely recall them accurately. I must admit that I recently had to admit that my version of events in a pending lawsuit of mine were not entirely accurate after viewing video footage. I spend years thinking things happened a certain way and was shocked to find out that wasn't the case. The likelihood of Walia and Jeremy both remembering things accurately months or years later is quite small. I doubt anyone that was a passenger on that train heard everything Jeremy said and if they did I doubt they would remember it all later. That is why in marketing class they tell you to always remember that people forget 98% of what they see on TV. Only the videos can tell people what really happened and the police have released none of them. If the videos are so incriminating why not release them early on or at least release the parts that don't show graphic violence?

I am not calling Walia, Micah, or Jeremy liars. I am just saying that something does not sit right with me about this case. For one I find it hard to believe that everyone would get so pissed off at Jeremy if all he did was as he says in his psych eval. That would however better explain him feeling justified as acting in self defense, but at the same time it weakens the argument that he feared for his safety because he had just said a bunch of stuff that someone is likely to get their ass kicked for saying. I can see him saying just what he says and people thinking he was saying something else. Then you have Micah recognizing him from a free speech rally where people think he was saying racist things, but the video of it I have seen does not contain any racist statements.

Jeremy explains his Nazi salute as saying something like "hail free speech" while mocking both sides of the Antifa/Trump dispute. That sounds like something he would do. It would not make him a white supremacist. Jeremy has repeatedly accused Demetria Hester of falsely accusing him of claiming to be a neo-Nazi the day before the stabbing. There was an incident that's for sure, but again statistically speaking the truth is somewhere between what he says and what she says. If Hester is lying and only along for the ride hoping to jump on the anti-Jeremy bandwagon she wouldn't be the first black person to falsely accuse him of stuff since the stabbing. Inmate Aundre Dupree Mills falsely accused Jeremy of assaulting him at the jail, charges were filed, and later dropped. I personally heard Deputy Frazier (a black man) make a statement supporting Jeremy's argument in that case saying that Mills has a history of making false allegations against other inmates.

I have never heard Jeremy make any white supremacist statements or start problems with black people at the jail. I have seen a number of people come in and start issues with Jeremy. Usually they think he is a white supremacist because of what they heard on the news and don't care what his side is. One guy even said he was in the same Army unit with Ricky Best and got arrested on purpose hoping to take out Jeremy. They just put in ear plugs and tee off on him. I'll get into details about the differences between Jeremy and real white supremacists in a future post.

Watched this young lady testify today and she seemed like someone that was in the wrong place at the wrong time still trying to figure out what happened. The video from her cell phone didn't tell much, just that she was far enough away from Jeremy to have misunderstood what he was saying. The video does not include the anti-Islam stuff she thinks she remembers. That happens a lot when traumatic incidents happen fast and time goes by. I don't think she intended to say anything that wasn't true, but her memory appears inconsistent with the footage shown so far.

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