Making Inmates with Serious Injuries Quit Their Pain Meds Cold Turkey

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Has it ever occurred to Deputies Brian Beardsley, Andrew Grundmann, and others that maybe when an inmate with a broken arm is cut off his pain medication cold turkey that the only paperwork he should receive is a prescription?

Apparently not, I got the attached write-up for flipping out on medical due to the extreme amount of pain that I was in. Eventually DHO Tressa Kavachevic gave me 10 days of lockdown. Of course none of this would have happened if Dr. Michael Seale had not been deliberately indifferent to my serious medical needs. For starters they won't give people anything stronger than Norco no matter what the ER says, delay taking people to follow-ups for weeks, and don't even give them a new sling when one is recommended by their own in-house ortho Brook Holter

I'm not going to say that I was not disrespectful to staff by starting my medical request form (MRF) with "MOTHERFUCKERS" but given the fact that I was being cut-off an opioid that they gave me cold turkey after 5 weeks they should have cut me a little slack.

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