Los Angeles City RAP Recreation + Parks Dept Rangers & Security roster

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City of Los Angeles Public Parks
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This is the roster for the City of Los Angeles Rec & Parks department which includes City Park Rangers and Security Officers. Park Rangers are supposed to go through training as both firefighters & peace officers but they have recently added four baton-certified licensed Security Officers.

Name Title Badge #

Abajian, Sharie Senior Park Ranger Il 1511

Joyce, Patrick Senior Park Ranger ll 1541

Renteria, Felix** Senior Park Ranger 1569

Holmes, Carl Senior Park Ranger 1575

Menjuga, Gary Senior Park Ranger 1517

Barron, Frank Senior Park Ranger 1514

Kleckner, Sean** Senior Park Ranger 1527

Dedeaux, Adam Senior Park Ranger 1585

Delgadillo, Peter Park Ranger 1518

Smith, Joshua Park Ranger 1521

Washington, Shekeca Security Officer 1799

Andrade, Alex Security Officer 1796

Moultrie, Dante Security Officer 1797

Lee, Andrew Security Officer 1798

Haro, Jerry Park Ranger 1582

Rice, Bradley Park Ranger 1528

Rotundo, lan Park Ranger 1516

Ebner, David** Park Ranger 1524

Liboro, Ronald Park Ranger 1526

Brewster, Daniel Park Ranger 1513

Deocampo, Andrei** Park Ranger 1515

Khou, Larry Park Ranger 1584

Steur, Peter Park Ranger 1555

Mendibles, Tom Park Ranger 1535

Fuentes, Joseph** Park Ranger 1519

Fuentes, Mark Park Ranger 1508

Caracoza, Jennifer Park Ranger 1525

Cruz, Daniel Park Ranger 1507

Mauck, Jesse Park Ranger 1529

Sharp, Sonya Park Ranger 1510

Hills, Madison Academy 1505

Lozano, Jacqueline Academy 1506

Brown, Darian Academy 1504

Woods, Jalen Academy 1520

Trejo, Andrew Academy 1509

Raciak, Kayleigh Academny 1512

Thank you for the feedback. I updated the text with spaces. I tried to delete my comments because they are redundant but its not working on mobile iOS. I uploaded the PDF as an image, maybe it will work, but the text has all been extracted

Nice work! If you want the PDF to work please rename to file so that it does not include the # character in the file name. That character always breaks URLs when used as part of a file name on sites hosted on IIS.

I also recommend replacing all white spaces with - or _ because whitespaces in file names can be problematic as well.

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