11 Year Old Shot by Indianola Sgt. Greg Capers After Calling for Help

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Indianola "Policeman of the Year" Sgt. Greg Capers shot 11 year old Aderrien Murray back on May 20th for which he has been placed on administrative leave. Murray called the police for help after his mother's ex-boyfriend showed up at their house "irate" according to media reports. Responding officers pounded on the door until Murray's mother opened it. She told officers that kids were in the house and says that when 11 year old Aderrien walked around a corner with his hands in the air he was shot in the chest by Sgt. Capers.

The Indianola Police Department (IPD) will likely attempt to launch a fog of war defense to their officer's conduct. Police departments often try to justify shooting children on the grounds that it happened suddenly, couldn't tell the child was a kid, or couldn't tell if the child was armed. Children have been shot for as little as not taking their hands out of their pockets just because anything could have been in those pockets. In 2020, a 13 year old autistic boy was shot 11 times by an officer in Utah, that case settled out of court for $3 million (https://kjzz.com/news/local/family-of-linden-cameron-settle-lawsuit-over-slcpd-shooting-of-autistic-13-year-old-long-term-physical-violence-crisis-intervention-federal-court-linden-cameron-salt-lake-city-police). The child in that case like Aderrien was obviously young but still looked noticeably older than Aderrien. We don't see any way that a reasonably competent officer could possibly mistake this 4' 10" boy for a man which means that in order to try and justify this Sgt. Capers would need to at least allege some sort of behavior on Aderrien's part that would make a reasonable officer feel threatened enough to shoot a child.

According to public records, Gregory Terrell Capers is a 61 year old resident of Indianola, Mississippi. He also appears to have a Facebook profile which mysteriously has not been updated since the day before the shooting (https://www.facebook.com/greg.capers.94/). He like to take goofy selfies in his car on and off the clock it appears.

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