Dominic Black Snitched on His Alleged Friend Kyle Rittenhouse

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Dominic Black was named as in informant in the Kyle Rittenhouse shooting case by Kenosha Police Department (KPD) Detective Benjamin Antaramian. A probably cause statement filed by the Kenosha County District Attorney's Office (KCDA) contained the following statement:

"Detective Antaramian spoke with Dominic Black on August 26, 2020. Dominic stated that he received a phone call from his friend Kyle Rittenhouse, the defendant, at 11:46 pm in which the defendant stated that he shot someone. Detective Antaramian saw the defendant in person at the Antioch, IL Police Department and identified the defendant as the shooter in the various videos."

Rittenhouse obviously considered Dominic Black to be a good enough friend to be the first person he called for help after killing Joseph Rosenbaum, but unfortunately for Rittenhouse that trust was misplaced. Any real friend would not tell the police that you confessed even if the cops can prove that he called you at that moment. The right approach to take in such cases is selective recognition. By using selective recognition you can tell the police that you do not recall what the conversation was about and because no one can prove if you were lying unless you admit to lying at some point you should be just fine. Black showed that the quality of his friendship is poor.

The video below shows the latest round of character assassination in the Rittenhouse case. Rittenhouse can be seen defending his sister after she got into a fight with a bigger girl by punching that girl no differently than he would a boy or maybe not since when boys intervened he got man handled. People say it is never alright for a man to hit a woman, but another way of looking at that Rittenhouse was supporting cultural Maxism by treating her equally. Rittenhouse demonstrated a total lack of hand to hand combat skills that better supports his self defense argument in the shooting case because obviously he had no reason to believe that he could defend himself in a straight up fight with anyone. The narrator identifies the man in the white shirt and glasses as Kyle's friend Dominic in Kenosha. We believe that this is the same Dominic that told on Rittenhouse after the shooting.

The girl Rittenhouse punched has been identified as Elaina Cummings. From the look of things it seems that she may have snitched on Rittenhouse over this fight.

UPDATE: The YouTube account that uploaded the original video that we embedded with this article has been shut down. Probably because of cry babies bombarding YouTube with complaints. In its place we have added this video from Inside Edition that covers the shooting as well as the incident with the girl.

On a separate note, Dominic Black a.k.a. Dominick Black has been charged with giving Rittenhouse the gun he used. The charge is something like giving a firearm to a person under the age of 18 resulting in death. It appears that the government is trying to blame Black for the conduct of Rittenhouse.

The YouTube account that did the excellent analysis of the Kenosha shooting as well as the video of Dominick or Dominic with Kyle Rittenhouse when Kyle punched a girls has been terminated. We are looking for substitute footage.

The press are naming him as Dominick Black NOT Dominic Black.

Dominic was charged this past week with buying Kyle Rittenhouse the gun he used in the Kenosha shootings.

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