Coronavirus Snitches
Coronavirus Snitches in Washington and Missouri

2020 Coronavirus Snitch Lists

Cop Blaster has acquired thousands of emails and form submissions made by Coronavirus snitches in the states of Washington and Missouri. They were obtained by activists using public records requests after their local governments setup email addresses and web pages for the purpose of soliciting tips from the public about people and businesses in violation of social distancing guidelines during the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic. Most of those snitches had no idea that their tips were public record let alone that they would someday be posted online for all to see.

Washington Snitches acquired two dumps of data a couple of weeks apart from the state of Washington. Both dumps contained data submitted to the state of Washington through Governor Inslee's stay at home order violation form. The form was used at least 20,000 times between March 27th and May 18th of 2020.

Dump One

The first dump contained over 7,500 complaints from the state of Washington in PDF and Excel formats. We were able to acquire a copy of the Excel sheet from owner Glen Morgan directly, parsed the data, and inserted it into our database resulting in over 7,500 new posts added to the Washington Snitches/Cop Callers section of our website.

We have uploaded the original files in PDF and Microsoft Excel formats.

Ashley Madison Data

Ashley Madison
Ashley Madison Matches

On May 18th we received an anonymous email from someone claiming to have a copy of the old Ashley Madison database that was hacked and dumped online in 2015. For those of you that don't know what Ashley Madison is, Ashley Madison is an online dating service focused on married people looking for someone new with the slogan "Life is Short. Have an Affair." The email we received read as follows:

"I was curious about the character of people who would snitch on their own neighbors during a crisis, so I compared the email addresses in the dumps from your site to the old leaked Ashley Madison database and - surprise - a lot of these scumbags are still using the same email addresses they used back when they got outed for being wannabe homewreckers. Here's the high-level profile stats, there's plenty more in the database about these degenerates." - Anonymous

We have posted the matches from the first Washington dump and uploaded them in PDF format.

How do we know that this is really Ashley Madison data? We do not have our own copy of the Ashley Madison data dump, but we typed some of the email addresses into a website that lets people search that data and they matched. Our source also has an outstanding track record of accuracy with us.

Dump Two released a second batch of records on May 20th the contained 20,001 reports, but it also included the original 7,616 or so complaints from the first batch, so the second batch only really included about 10,891 new reports. It was also separated into several Excel sheets that were sub sheets of the main sheet called "All Open Incidents," we converted the main sheet to PDF format.

What We Have Posted So Far

We divided the second batch into two files to separate all reports before and after May 1st because the first batch ended on April 30th. That gave us a file featuring about 3,275 new reports submitted between May 1st and May 18th. We took steps to filter out complaints that were against businesses in other states or were clearly filed against Governor Inslee. We did this because most of the complaints against the government were profane rants against Inslee's social distancing policies posted by people that gave obscene names. That left us with about 2,553 new posts added to our database.

Unfortunately, there are still about 9,110 new reports that we have not posted because they are from dates covered by the first dump and we don't want to upload any duplicate posts, so we still need to find a way to remove all 7,616 or so old reports from the new set of data. Then we will do things to limit the number of fake complaints or complaints made against out of state businesses. We were getting ready to look into ways of eliminating duplicate data when George Floyd was murdered.

Since the murder of George Floyd our site has been flooded with traffic due to our coverage of that incident and subsequent incidents of police brutality. As long as this keeps up we will focus primarily on staying ahead of the trends when it comes to naming bad officers caught on camera doing bad things. When the protests end then we will look into adding the new pre-May 1st snitch data.

Ashley Madison Data

We sent the second batch of data to our source with the Ashley Madion data for analysis. That analysis produced a much larger list of COVID-19 snitches with Ashley Madison accounts. We posted the results and uploaded a PDF file.

StayHome Profile

We created a special administrative account for posting all the snitch data from Washington state. That account is called StayHome and you can restrict your queries to just Washington snitch data by visiting that user profile at

Missouri Snitches

In early May of 2020, a man in the St. Louis area used the state of Missouri's Sunshine Law to obtain copies of all emails sent to email addressees setup by St. Louis County to solicit tips from the public about people and businesses allegedly violating social distancing guidelines. That list contained names and/or email addresses of over 900 snitches in St. Louis County.

Our options were limited because this data dump was only available in PDF format, so we were unable to parse that into individual posts for each snitch on the list like we were able to do for Washington. We settled for uploading a full un-redacted version of the original PDF and using Python to extract all names and phone numbers from the PDF.

Ashley Madison Matches

Our anonymous source was able to match the Missouri snitch email addresses to six Ashley Madison Accounts. Obviously that is a small number, but remember that the sample size of 900 emails is much smaller than the sample size in Washington. You can view the matches at