Washington Stay at Home Snitch Data Dump: Part Deux

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Washington Snitches PDF Part Deux:

We The Governed just posted another virtual dumpster full of rats in Washington state that snitched out people using Governor Jay Inslee's social distancing snitching form. Like the first one, they have uploaded the Excel files to DropBox so they will probably be deleted soon. Like the first time we made sure to grab them and add them to our server where they will not be deleted. This dump is setup a little differently, there are a total of 8 files that you can find at:








We have not had the opportunity to look at these new ones yet. We will certainly be making additions to our database based on these in coming days like we did the first time. The first list can be found on the author profile of this account or you can go to https://wa.copblaster.com/snitches/copcallers/.


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