New Milford Area Police Surveillance Camera Discovered

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A second unsecure surveillance camera likely belonging to the Delaware State Police has been identified on the same IP address range as the first one The exact location is unknown and it is too dark outside to try and figure it out right now, but photographs provided to from our anonymous source including the above screenshot and others uploaded via PDF might give anyone in the Milford or Harrisburg areas a good place to start.

The first camera was confirmed as a law enforcement camera by 105.9's Dan Gaffney earlier today. Gaffney told over the phone that after talking to the local Milford Police they denied operating the camera at the Milford Liberty gas station, but said that some other agency was responsible. Gaffney also received tips from utility workers saying that they had installed the camera outside the Milford Liberty for the Delaware State Police.

It should be noted however that not all of the cameras exposed on this Reddit thread () are in fact law enforcement cameras. They all appear to be using the same software, but that software is used by a lot of people and businesses unrelated to law enforcement. One camera was located outside of Webb's Scenic Surf in Cannon Beach, Oregon but it turned out to be a beach cam operated by Webb's Scenic Surf which is visible on its website at

You can watch and take control of the second camera at:


The Reddit URL had to be removed because this link parser does not handle URLs with _ right on mobile devices.

See our latest post for quotes from Dan Gaffney's follow up

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