Columbia County Sheriff Jeff Dickerson Denies Inmates Legal Resources

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St Helens, Oregon
Columbia County Sheriff Jeff Dickerson Denies Inmates Legal Resources
Sheriff Jeff Dickerson

Columbia County Sheriff Jeff Dickerson knowingly denies federal inmates the legal resources necessary to aid and assist in their own defense. I know this because as a former Columbia County Jail inmate I know that CCJ has no federal law library. This leaves federal inmates, that make up most of the jail population, unable to second guess their court appointed attorneys. The ones representing themselves are even worse off, having to rely on materials mailed to them by stand by counsel.

I known that Dickerson knows about this because my first time there I met an inmate that complained to him directly and even complained to the local court in Columbia County about it. He had paperwork that proved it. Any Sheriff that denies basic legal materials to inmates is an Enemy of Liberty.

7/19/2019 - While back at the Columbia County Jail in 2018 the law library was still the same.

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