Ex-Prosecutor and Slutty Stalker Sally Amanda Marshall

Blast Zone No. 52
Set Up On:
Category: Prosecutors - Federal
Last Known Other Location:
McMinnville, Oregon
Ex-Prosecutor and Slutty Stalker Sally Amanda Marshall
Slutty Stalker Sally Amanda Marshall

I was pleasantly humored by the news that every court document Sean Hoar signed in furtherance of my persecution was also signed by an actual whore. That whore is Sally Amanda Marshall, the former U.S. Attorney for the District of Oregon. While locked up in Victorville I got The Oregonian newspaper and found out that Sally was embroiled in a controversy for having or at least attempting to have an inappropriate relationship with a male prosecutor in her office. I heard sometime later that she resigned citing "health reasons" that must have been mental health or maybe a STD, who knows? Could it be sex addiction? Depression from being rejected and humiliated? It is anyone's guess.

Regardless of her reasons anybody that permits the trampling of the First Amendment under their watch is an Enemy of Liberty.

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