Bomb Technician Jeffrey Glemser Misspelled My Name on Forensic Request

Bomb Seized by Bomb Tech Jeffrey Glemser
Bomb Seized by Bomb Tech Jeffrey Glemser
Blast Zone No. 103 - 2 Comments
Set Up On:
Category: Police - City
Last Known Home Address:
Jeffrey Glemser Misspelling Suspect Name:

Eugene Police Officer Jeffrey Glemser went to a bit of trouble trying to prove that I was the one that set off bottles full of Piccolo Pete powder near a deserted sidewalk in Eugene many years ago. The finger print analysis came back negative, maybe it was the lack of prints on warped and burnt plastic, or maybe misspelling the name of the suspect had something to do with it. Who knows? Other than empty plastic bottles Glemser also seized several functional pyrotechnic devices similar to the ones seen in the image above. They are known as Piccolo Pete's or Whistling Pete's, but if you take the power out and put it in a soda bottle it make a loud bang. Far less dangerous than other types of fireworks like bottle rockets or roman candles.

What is ridiculous is treating a college kid like a terrorist for tinkering with fireworks around the 4th of July. That kind of stuff has everything to do with bad cops.

This post is ridiculous at best and has nothing to do with "bad cops".

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