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7/30/2019 - Oh, well, I guess because people were SAYING IT, it MUST BE true. Stop with all your nonsense. If I record someone saying all cops are good, does that make it so???
7/30/2019 - This post is ridiculous at best and has nothing to do with "bad cops".
7/30/2019 - Is asking SOMEONE to stop visiting a location bullying? Isn't ASKING someone to do something leaving the door open to that person to either go along with or ignore your request? Can you show me where the bullying comes in?
7/30/2019 - It seems to me that posting comments that could harm someones reputation and standing in the community needs to be vetted. Just letting people make things up just for the simple reason they dislike them is absurd. People need to be held accountable for their actions. This guy deserved to be arrested.

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