Tempe Officers Association Cyberbullying Starbucks

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The Tempe Officers Association started cyberbullying Starbucks yesterday after several of their officers were booted from a local Starbucks. Now a bunch of police state sympathizers are taking to Twitter asking people to #DumpStarbucks. Starbucks were looking out for their customers after one of them felt unsafe by their presence. They were given the option to move out of the customer's sight, but chose to leave instead. They were not kicked out. They left freely and voluntarily. After all, if Starbucks really had to kick them out wouldn't Starbucks have had to call them?

They are trying to drive customers away from Starbucks in an obvious attempt to intimidate them and deter other businesses from doing the same out of fear of losing even more business. The fact is, whenever a uniformed cop enters an establishment the mood changes and usually not for the better. It would be a public service for the police not enter businesses like Starbucks while in uniform, usually.

county1618 Says:

Is asking SOMEONE to stop visiting a location bullying? Isn't ASKING someone to do something leaving the door open to that person to either go along with or ignore your request? Can you show me where the bullying comes in?

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