Why Did PAC Brook Holter's Report Contain Lies Quoted as My Story?

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Why Did PAC Brook Holter's Report Contain Lies Quoted as My Story?
PAC Brook Holter

Ever since I received my medical records from Multnomah County, I've been wondering why PAC Brook Holter's report does not include the story I told her about how my arm was broken. Instead it includes Deputy Timothy Barker's version. To learn more about Barker click on the Timothy Barker tag above. Timothy Barker is the deputy that took me to the hole, got on top of me while I was in a prone position, un-cuffed me, and twisted my left arm away from my body. The result was a through and through spiral fracture of my left humerus.

Some time later I was taken to medical for a follow up with PAC Brook Holter. The deputy that escorted me to that visit was Timothy Barker. Barker sat not far from the exam room the entire time. He clearly could hear everything that was being said and just in case he could not I spoke up when I told PAC Holter exactly what really happened.

So, how is it that my medical records, the .pdf of which I'm uploading with this post, say "Pt states that the deputies were trying to hand cuff him and inadvertantly broke his humerus." She clearly did not get that story from me, so how did he report end up like this. Did Deputy Barker as PAC Holter to lie for him? Did Deputy Barker alter the report himself? Did Deputy Barker's wife, Erika Barker, a CMA that working in the same medical department of the jail, alter the records for her husband? Did someone else help Barker cover up the truth?

Which of these suspects is most likely to misspell inadvertently? Is it a licensed well educated medical professional that graduated from Oregon Health Sciences University (OHSU) in 2001? Is it a the CMA that must have at least attended community college only to become a drug mule? Is it the blockhead corrections deputy that probably has nothing more than a high school diploma and some police academy type training? Or possibly someone ever dumber?

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