Victorville Case Manager Jason Musgray is a Void of Information

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Case Manager Jason Musgray never seems to have an answer of any real value to anything and rarely seems to know what he is talking about. You say something to him and he will ask what you want like he has no clue what you are saying.

On a separate matter he would only give me a month of halfway house, so I refused to go. That amount of time would only give NWRRC, if they allowed me back, just enough time to send me back to FDC Sheirdan and take what was left of my good time, so I stayed in prison and it was the right choice. I got out on time. I spent the last month in the hole for making hooch and still I am glad that I rejected his offer.

This profile has been updated now that documents have revealed Musgray is not spelled Musgrave and his first name is Jason. A Facebook search produced a profile with the vanity URL jason.musgray and the profile name Jayfla Musgray. The profile is full of pictures of him partying and he posted a video of himself partying someplace. Maybe he was too hungover to think of anything useful to say.

This post has been updated to correct the name of case manager Jason Musgray and to include a video he made himself at a wild party.

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