New FCC Victorville Warden David Shinn is Nobody Important

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When I asked a new face doing rounds in SHU who he was he said "nobody important" and it turned out he was right because he was David Shinn. The new Warden at FCC Victorville that took over for Richard Ives in early 2016 and made it much worse. I may have only been there for a couple months of his regime, but most of that time everyone was on lockdown because whenever there was a fight he would lock down the entire prison. That prison being the United States Penitentiary (USP) and even staff members were overheard saying that they did not think that he knew what he was doing.

Lockdowns are not going to stop fights at any USP. Maybe at a medium or a low, but not at a high security prison. By doing that he just makes life harder for the people that are actually trying to live productive lives as best they can.

This page has been updated to include a photo of David Shinn. He now is part of the executive staff at BOP Headquarters in Washington D.C. as the Assistant Director of the Program Review Division. His new government profile and picture looks like he is trying to look like someone important. I took his word for that the first time and I'll stick to it.

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