Victorville Disciplinary Hearing Officer Diana Elliott is Ridiculous

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Disciplinary Hearing Officer (DHO) D. Elliott is ridiculous despite claims to the contrary that "nobody calls me ridiculous" because I call her ridiculous and I am somebody. I call her ridiculous because of her decisions, two of which I had overturned by the regional office during my time at USP Victorville, which was shortly over one year.

The first of her ridiculous decisions came when she found me guilty of escape for being arrested at a community correctional facility. According to her I was kicked out of the facility, escaped into a police car that was parked on the property, and was held in the county jail on a federal hold. I appealed to the region using the dictionary and they agreed that by no stretch of the imagination could that be considered an escape.

I also appealed her decision to find me guilty of conduct "most like" threatening bodily injury for threatening to expose Brigitte Wolverton online. The region reversed, but she entered a new finding of guilt for conduct "most like" extortion. For supposedly trying to extort medical services that I had a right to in the form of a doctor's appointment. I would have appealed that too, but I was due to be released before any ruling would have been made.

We call her the Viking Queen because she is a very tall Nordic looking woman with blonde hair. In fact before her picture was spotted on Vallejo's friends list this was her profile picture

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