Ex-Regional Director Juan D. Castillo - The Last Line of Excuses

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Juan D. Castillo's Excuse:

Whenever you get written up by the BOP they have a certain amount of time to do your initial hearing, known as a UDC, if they do not get permission from the Warden to extend that time period they are supposed to dismiss the charge. Unfortunately, they always either come up with an excuse that is not part of the rules or they lie and say that you were UDC'd on time. You can challenge the timeliness, but as my document (above) shows, you are probably just wasting your time. I ended up complaining to the regional office and Juan D. Castillo responded with a denial as well as an excuse.

Juan's excuse was that I had been re-served with the write up and then UDC's within 5 days of that. So, if they screw up they can reset the clock by giving you another copy of it? That is not in the policy anywhere.

Juan no longer works for the BOP, he is now with a private correctional company called the GEO Group.

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