John Wood? Or Is It John Weed?

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I went down to the federal courthouse today and told the US Marshal that I had an appointment with John Weed at U.S. Probation to talk about employment options. It was only after I had talked to the receptionist and asked for John Weed that my probation officer corrected me. It turns out that I had an appointment with John Wood. I thought his name was John Weed because at first glance "oo" on his business card looks like "ee", especially if you are not looking at it really close up.

After meeting with him he said that he might be changing the font. That probably would be a good idea if he wants to be taken more seriously, but John Weed sounds more Oregonian. On the other hand John Wood sounds like a male porn star, so maybe he should change his name to John Weed, unless being named John Wood works well with the ladies, depending of course on what kind of chick he is looking for.

I posted this story to show the potential lighter side of Cop Blaster. It can be used to expose horrible acts of abuse or just to tell funny stories. This was kind of embarrassing for me, but then again I did grow up in Oregon and can think of many people I've known over the years that would change their last name to Weed if they could.

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