Carlos Hernandez "Left" His Job and Vanished from Social Media

Blast Zone No. 1218
Set Up On:
Old Prison Location:
27072 Ballston Road
Sheridan, Oregon 97378
Carlos Hernandez
Carlos Hernandez

Former Correctional Officer Carlos Hernandez's final Facebook post said simply, "Left Job at Federal Correctional Institution, Sheridan." The post was dated sometime in December of 2018. He has not posted since and we have no idea where he is. While he was at Sheridan everyone wanted his days to be numbered and it turns out they were. His downward spiral was triggered by an inmate simply telling him to do his job. He responded by grabbing a trashcan and going from cell to cell searching for anything he claimed was not in complete compliance with BOP policies. Stuff like magazines with the name of another inmate or no name at all on them, seasoning mixed with squeeze cheese because by mixing them those commissary items had been altered, and anything he deemed in excess. He said, "see, this is me doing my job." He would lock down half the unit at the FDC at a time and toss their cells. Eventually he went too far.

Hernandez began strip searching all of the kitchen workers on their way back from the kitchen. He found a lot of things being smuggled back and acted like they were the busts of his career (probably were). Eventually one kitchen worker, a man named Johnson, filed a complaint against him under the Prison Rape Elimination Act (PREA) claiming that Hernandez had touched his Johnson. Hernandez was then reassigned to duties that kept his contact with inmates to a minimum. The inmates rejoiced because he would not longer be in the housing units. He was spotted in the mail room, in the visiting room, and patrolling the perimeter of the prison. Then, less than a year later, he "left" his job.

Before leaving this author tried sending a letter out in the mail mentioning him and that letter was returned with some scribbling on it that said, "not going out." BOP Policies only permit people above the rank of Associate Warden to censor the mail. The same letter was put in a new envelope and that one made it through just fine. Perhaps Hernandez was not working that day.

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