Tiffany T. Bingham Killed by Georgia State Patrol

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Around 10 p.m., a trooper reported he was chasing a silver Ford Fusion on I-75 north. The trooper said the vehicle may have been stolen out of Chattanooga. The trooper pursued at speeds of more than 120 mph. The trooper knocked the vehicle off the road with a PIT maneuver, and the vehicle traveled into the median, overturned, and then struck a tree, entrapping all three people inside. Passengers Phillip Jackson, 32, and Tiffany T. Bingham, 42, were killed in the crash. Social media reports said the alleged driver, Quentin Alonzo or Hix, 30, was also killed, but news reports said he was taken to Erlanger, a hospital in Chattanooga.

Victim's Name: Tiffany T. Bingham

Agency Responsible: Georgia State Patrol

Gender: Female

Age: 42

Race: Unknown race

Date of Death: June 11, 2020

County: Whitfield

Cause of Death: Vehicle

Official Disposition: Pending investigation/No Known Charges

Criminal Charges: No known charges

Mental Illness: No

Armed: Vehicle

Weapon: vehicle

Justice4all77 - Sorry for any inaccuracies, we got that data from a third party as explained at one of our reasons for adding it was that the source lacked comment features

No. Not true. It was the fault of the driver (Alonzo) -who stole the car and refused to stop when told to do so. He had no regard for the lives of his passengers. He didn't even have a license. Tell it truthfully if you are going to report.

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