Stephen Oatley: Your Favorite Freight Broker's Least Favorite Mugshot

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For anyone that has been watching live streams of recent protests, Your Favorite Freight Broker Stephen Oatley a.k.a. Freight Broker Live needs no introduction. For everyone else, Steve Oatley is a conservative video blogger that re-streams live streams of protests across the country, mostly from Portland, Oregon and adds his own pro-police tyraids. This has made him notorious among liberal streamer circles. He has also admitted giving the government information recently and proven himself to be a hypocrite with his censorship.

We first learned about Oatley's stream after we were contacted by one of his *supporters over a story that they thought was very one sided ( and after looking at their arguments we made some changes to better tell both sides. We them checked out Oatley's stream from time to time while we were watching various live streams during protests. To be honest, his commentary is entertaining and funny at times. Last night we heard Steve talking about Andrew Kimmel ( and chastising him for live streaming a small group of protesters that were reading off the names of U.S. Marshals from a flier using a bull horn. We had already posted a copy of the flier with an embedded clip of the same video from Kimmel's stream at so we posted the URL so that his followers could see what he was talking about. He quickly called us a "scumbag" and banned us. He then falsely stated that posting that information is not free speech. He had just banned one of our pages from commenting so we posted a link to using our National Cop Watch Report page to show him that posting names and addresses of police officers obtained from public records is not illegal according to the decision of a federal district court in his state. He then quickly banned National Cop Watch Report and called us a "scumbag" again. You can watch the incident in the video embedded below this article.

After being banned, we decided to reach out to Steve via email hoping to start a dialog with him. You can read our email to him by clicking on the PDF icon above this article. As you can see we were respectful. We educated him about the fact that the U.S. Marshals themselves are usually the ones that make their names and affiliations known online. Most of those names probably came from profiles created by the Marshals themselves on LinkedIn, Facebook, and other social networks. Others likely came from simple Google searches for articles mentioning them by name. The also may have done a search of public court decisions that mention them by name. The point is that it looks like all the creators of the flier did was search the internet for names of individuals known to be affiliated with the U.S. Marshals in Portland and make a list of them. All Kimmel did was go to a protest and film what was going on. At one point some people read off the names on the flier and Kimmel filmed it, that is called freedom of the press and it is not illegal. Despite it being overwhelmingly obvious that the we and the streamers were not breaking the law, Oatley's response was as follows:

"This is a scummy thing to do and you know that. I banned you because you heard me say I did not want that in my chat, and then posted not once but twice. It is a scummy thing to do, and you sir are a scumbag for doing so. Again, that is my opinion on my page. Move on with whatever you do for your life and grow up" - Steve Oatley

We respect Oatley's right to free speech, but we also like to exercise our own free speech right to point out the factual inaccuracies of his speech. After that we decided to do a background check on Oatley because he has repeatedly stated that he is not afraid of being doxxed because all his information is public anyway, so we knew that we could post his info without making him uncomfortable. It turns out Your Favorite Freight Broker has a least favorite mugshot. A criminal record with a mugshot came up in his results. The mugshot appears to be a younger Steve Oatley that was in Transcor custody for some unknown reason in 2006. The record associated with Oatley's Transcor mugshot is as follows:

Arresting Agency: TRANSCOR AMERICA

Confine Date: 03/28/2006

Release Date: 03/29/2006

Case Number: TRANSCOR



Prisoner Id: 98568

Remarks SO#: 06087-04

We know a former Transcor executive, so we know a thing or two about the company. Transcor is a corrections transportation company ( They contract with law enforcement agencies and transport prisoners from one jurisdiction to another. We believe that Oatley was picked up on an outstanding warrant in one jurisdiction, was transferred to Transcor custody for transport at which point the mugshot was taken, and was then transported to the jurisdiction that issued the warrant. His criminal history lists just three traffic citations and one other entry that says "UNSPECIFIED." The unspecified entry has no more information (no date, no charge, nothing). We believe that Oatley faced a charge at one point but was probably found not guilty and had the government expunge the record. That would explain why the only record of it comes from a private company. It is also possible that he was convicted and completed a diversion program or completed a sentence and sought expungement later. Whatever he did or did not do he was in Transcor custody once, they took a picture of him, and that information is still publicly available.

Why is Steve Oatley a Snitch?

Steve Oatley is a snitch because we heard him say on his stream one day that he had reported threats he allegedly received to the FBI. We don't have the exact URL and timestamp because when we tried to find it the video was like 5 hours long and we just could not find it again. We may look for it again time permitting. At the time we heard it we decided that other things were more worthy our time. We have since not only had this encounter, but have heard of trolls that follow him ganging up on live streamers to get their pages banned by spamming Facebook with frivolous abuse complaints. We don't know if Steve himself has anything to do with that and we have heard him denying any involvement on the stream, so we are giving him the benefit of the doubt and not accusing him of personally being behind any of that at this time.

He is also a snitch because we heard him say on his stream that he is saving all of the footage from the live streamers for the purpose of giving it to the government for use in criminal prosecutions. One of his *followers told us "We are always recording what's going on so it cant be deleted". So, Oatley is shepherding a flock of rats.

Companies Linked to Oatley:

North American Association of Transportation Service Providers Inc.

Capacity Logistics Group Inc.

Dominion Mechanical

Expedited Ventures Company

Low Tide Management Inc.

TLG Holding Company

Emails Linked to Oatley:









*Note: We know the name of the follower but told him or her that they could remain anonymous in another story, so we are honoring our word by keeping that person anonymous here.

I hadn't talked about Steve at all for awhile because I didn't think he was worth it, but tonight he flipped on me for posting a link in a Twitch chat to an article about what I believe to be a self defense shooting. Promising to sue me for some frivolous reason over free speech as if he has some claim of right to demand that I not watch "his" streams on Twitch, Facebook, etc. when the simple fact is that they are not "his" at all. They are owned by Facebook and Twitch. He has every right to ban people from the Freight Broker Live website and sue them for unauthorized access if they don't honor the ban because that is his property, but that does not extend to platforms owned by third parties that permit me to use their services.

We have the video back up elsewhere now. You can see that the original URL on YouTube is still blocked by a copyright claim at

Also, for anyone really looking to give Oatley a piece of their mind we recommend using

This keeps getting weirder. Despite Steve Oatley's adamant support of the fair use exception of the copyright act, he filed a copyright infringement notice against us on YouTube and managed to get the video removed temporarily. We filed a counter notice so it should be restored soon. In the meantime will will be uploading a copy of the video to another video sharing site.

Oatley explained fair use according to him in his own words in this image where he falsely accused someone that had noting to do with this post of having something to do with it and said that he would be reporting that person to the FBI regarding this. Oatley seems unaware that posting public records is not a crime.

Steve is on the air trying to make this look fake. Saying he does not remember being arrested, some people tell us that he had said this does not look like a police mugshot. Here is a screenshot from the background check website that it came from, so unless the service is doctoring images this is a mugshot

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