Portland Police Association President Daryl Turner

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Daryl J. Turner (DPSST# 25221) is President of the Portland Police Association which is the union representing employees of the Portland Police Bureau. Protests in Portland, Oregon were originally focused on the Portland Police before the federal occupation because the Portland Police have a horrible history of using excessive force, racially profiling black people, and abusing people with developmental disabilities. In recent weeks, Turner has become the main source of pro-cop anti-Black Lives Matter propaganda in the Portland area. His voice better represents the views of the police than Chief Chuck Lovell or Mayor Ted Wheeler do.

A background check of Turner revealed only a handful of minor traffic infractions. We tried looking for anything about him in the misconduct data made publicly available by the Portland Police but none of it lets anyone identify the officer involved. They don't even show their DPSST number. We could not find any mentions of his name in case law decisions from the Ninth Circuit, Oregon Court of Appeals, or Oregon Supreme Court on Find Law, and we could not find any mentions of his name or his DPSST number with his name on Justia.

We have censored his home address because we do that to maintain a certain level of peace with local law enforcement. We feel this better enables us to advocate against law enforcement misconduct across the rest of the country, but his address isn't hard to find. Anyone that is Google savvy enough can find it without having to pay a fee.

Possible email addresses include:



Possible corporate affiliations include Rap Sheet Inc.

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