Fort Lauderdale Officer Louis Walsh Arrested for Sexting Minor

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Fort Lauderdale Police Officer Louis Walsh was arrested today for sending harmful material to a minor via text messages. That "minor" turned out to be an undercover detective and that harmful material included * **** pic selfie. Walsh has been placed on administrative leave without pay pending the outcome of an internal investigation. As of now we believe that he is in the Broward County Jail, but will likely be released in the near future.

Officer Walsh was also a wrestling coach at Cardinal Gibbons High School where he also worked special security details. He also worked special security details at St. Anthony Catholic School. For those reasons we fear that his texts might be just the tip of the iceberg. It is all too common for pedophiles to gravitate towards jobs working in close proximity with children. Just by being a wrestling coach he had a seemingly legitimate excuse to put his hands on kids in ways that likely stimulated him.

According to public records, Louis J. Walsh is a 29 year old resident of Pompano Beach, Florida whose last known address is 4194 Marina Way. He has a handful of traffic citations including multiple citations for following too closely. We normally do not make home addresses of cops publicly available on this site, which is why the map above is censored, but we make exceptions for officers charged with sex crimes. In such cases we paste their address into the body of the article to warn people living nearby. Walsh appears to be a sexual predator and we want people to know where their kids should not go. Please do not use this information for any unlawful purpose.

The following information was taken from jail records (

Arrest Number: 502100614

Arrest Date: 03/24/2021


Race: W

Sex: M

DOB: 05/25/1991

Height: 510

Weight: 270

Hair: BRO

Eyes: BRO

Location: Main Jail

UPDATE: According to a Facebook post by the Jimmy Ryce Center ( anyone with information regarding predatory conduct by Officer Walsh should contact Detective Erica Rockey at 954-888-5290.

UPDATE: The video on this page has been changed to include footage of Walsh being arraigned in a suicide smock. The judge set his bond at $70,000. If released he will be required to wear GPS monitor. He will also be banned from the internet and associating with minors.

UPDATE: The video has been updated to a working copy. He appears to have been released since the jail website does not return a result for his name.

Couldn't find him on the jail website, so probably released.

Dobidobi Says:

I know this man. We went to church as teens together. Thankfully nothing happened to me but there was an incident that made me question if he was hiding something. I havent found updates anywhere, could you help?

Perhaps most disturbing about the complaint received from the self proclaimed future Mrs. Walsh was this, "my home address where I reside with Louis is currently public and out for anyone to see therefore putting my life and the lives of my children in danger."

Has it ever occurred to this lady that living with an "alleged" sex offender puts her children at far greater danger than the publication of his address?

We got an email today from someone claiming to be Walsh's fiance asking that the address be removed.

We responded by refusing to remove it citing the high burden of proof required by law enforcement to charge one of their own with a crime.

Also, nice to see an anti-cop website that is decent enough to post contact info for the detective in a case like this. At least there is one cop doing something right.

I was never a high school wrestler, but I did play football and took a martial arts class that I quit after one session. If that guy were my coach/instructor in either and I were to see him getting arrested like this I would think back to every time he gave me any type of hands on instruction and wonder if he was doing something more.

The entire wrestling team is no doubt thinking back and wondering if he showed them that technique for their benefit or his pleasure.

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