Commissioner Jo Ann Hardesty Snitched on a Lyft Driver

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Portland City Commissioner Jo Ann Hardesty snitched on Lyft driver Richmond Frost for cancelling her ride back on November 1st according to the 911 call that you can listen to by watching the embedded video on this page.

In the recording she starts off by saying that she has a Lyft driver that wants to drop her off at a service station, but described the concept of her getting out of the car in the dark as "not happening." The 911 dispatcher explained to her that cancelling her ride and telling her to get out of the car was not a crime, so there was nothing the police could do. She said that he wanted her out of the car just because she wanted him to put the window up and there was no way she was going to let him leave her on the side of the road. The 911 dispatcher explained that her and the driver had a "civil agreement," that the car was his property, and that telling her to get out was not a crime. She said that he had threatened to call the police so she decided that she would call for him, to which the 911 dispatcher said, "its not a crime to call the cops." She said that she had already paid for the ride and that she would not get out of the car until he got her another ride. At that point the driver can be heard telling her that he cannot get her another ride and the 911 dispatcher tells her that only she can order another ride. She continued blaming the driver for cancelling the ride. The 911 dispatcher explained the driver's actions to her as "his obligation as a human being on the face of the earth to cancel a contract like that, it is not a crime, it is part of the usual license agreement that you expect when taking rides from strangers, it is not a crime." She continued to refuse to leave the car. The 911 dispatcher says that officers are on their way and she gives her name as "Jo Ann Hardesty."

Then the Lyft driver called 911 and snitched on Jo Ann Hardesty. He got a different dispatcher, but his car was in the same place. The dispatcher was obviously already aware of the situation. He gave his name as Richmond Frost. He said that he had cancelled a ride and was trying to drop off his passenger at a service station. The 911 dispatchers said that a Richfield Police officer was on his way. When asked if he knew her name he said "I think she said Jo Ann." He said that he was not in contact with anyone with Coronavirus and did not have any flu like symptoms.

According to mainstream media accounts of the incident, Richfield Police arrived at the scene at the same time as another Lyft driver. Hardesty got out of the car and got into the other Lyft car before leaving. Hardesty sent a complaint to Lyft later that night saying that the driver was late, refused to roll up the window, and cancelled her ride. She said that she was afraid to get out of the vehicle in the middle of the night. Lyft responded by saying that

drivers are free to end a ride at any time for any reason as long as they drop off their passenger in a safe location.

We have added a separate article profiling the Lyft driver

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