Forest Grove Police Officer Steven Teets Cited for Criminal Mischief

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Forest Grove Police Officer Steven Christopher Teets was cited for criminal mischief in the second degree for terrorizing a family on Halloween. According to the family, an unidentified man came to their house in the middle of the night, started yelling at them to "come on" and fight, banged on a Black Lives Matter flag that they had hung on the wall outside, trashed their Halloween decorations, and charged towards the door when someone opened it. Someone called 911 and the police discovered one of their own fleeing the scene. That person was Officer Teets.

The police gave him a ride home and cited him for criminal mischief. The officer that gave him the ride appears to have violated department policy by turning off his body camera. As a result nobody can see his interaction with Teets from that night. According to the media (see video below) the Washington County Sheriff's Office said that Teets was visibly intoxicated. Not surprising since his behavior does not sound like something a sober person would do. It sounds like Teets got hammered, saw a Black Lives Matter flag, and decided to give the owners of the flag a piece of his mind.

Teets has since been assigned to desk duty.

The picture above is from the 2018 Forest Grove Police Department Annual Report. A PDF of that report is being uploaded with this article.

Officer Teets has been making the news again. This time due to revelations that the Forest Grove Police Department kept his victims in the dark about his identity for days after he drunkenly attacked their home. You can learn more about that at KGW

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