Firing of APD Spokesman Fred Duran Leads to Dismissals

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The firing of former Albuquerque Police Department (APD) spokesman Fred Duran has led to the dismissal of over a dozen DWI cases that Duran investigated. Duran was fired back in July for arresting a woman for DWI without any evidence. The charges were dropped and the woman filed a complaint with a civilian police oversight agency which led to his termination. During the termination process Duran made false statements and refused to answer questions.

The circumstances surrounding Duran's termination called into question the validity of other DWI cases that he was involved with. There are at least 46 other cases pending review that should be dismissed also. When the credibility of an officer is destroyed then a conviction based on their testimony cannot stand. Officer Duran has proven that he has no problem making up stories to support his suspicions.

We recommend that anyone whose been charged with a crime in which Duran was involved seek legal counsel. There is a good chance that you can attack your conviction based on newly discovered evidence. That evidence being an officer involved being discredited.

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