LAPD Officer Matthew Calleros Arrested for Grand Theft Auto

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Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) Officer Matthew Paul Calleros was arrested for grand theft auto on Monday. Calleros stole a pickup truck from a used car lot in Orange County last year. Court records show that he filed for bankruptcy earlier this year, so the theft was probably an attempt to avoid that, but to do that Calleros would have had to sell the truck. The truck was recovered from Calleros when he was arrested.

According B&J Car Company manager Gino Gonzalez , his liability insurance payments doubled after he filed a claim for the stolen truck. He also said that he was the one that helped Calleros browse the lot thinking he was a potential customer. Calleros was wearing a LA Dodgers baseball cap, so Gonzalez told him that he had a buddy that bled blue before adding "Little did I know how blue he really was."

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