Stratford Police Sgt Jamie Rivera Suspended for Anti-BLM Facebook Post

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Stratford Police Sgt. Jamie Rivera was suspended for calling Black Lives Matter a terrorist organization in a Facebook post. The suspension was announced by Stratford Mayor Laura Hoydick after a City Counsel meeting. The police union is appealing because his post appears to be free speech. His post read as follows:

"I'm just gonna say it!! I'm pro Trump. If anyone doesn't like it. So be it. I'm a cop. I became a cop in 2001. I've seen a 180 about how people feel Me !!! Black lives matter is a terrorist organization!!!!" - Jamie Rivera

As offensive as that might sound to some people, Rivera had every right to say it. The First Amendment supposedly guarantees every American the right to freedom of speech. The City of Stratford appears to be retaliating against Sgt. Rivera for exercising his First Amendment rights. We do not agree with his opinion, but we do believe that he has a right to his opinion and to express it publicly.

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