U.S. Probation Random Drug Testing Instructions and Contract - Oregon

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Current Courthouse Address:
1000 S.W. Third Ave.
Portland, Oregon 97204
Random Drug Testing Agreement:

This is the random drug testing agreement and instructions from the United States Probation Office for the District of Oregon in Portland, Oregon. Pretty simple just call one of the numbers (1-866-248-4718 or 503-326-8698) and enter your PACS number. Then it will tell you if you have to come in. It is best to call right after midnight for the next day. Download the pdf uploaded with this post just in case you ever lose the one they gave you and need the number.

Remember that you need to get to the collection point no later than 8PM but if you are banned from the collection point, which last I checked was the Northwest Regional Re-Entry Center (NWRRC) then you need to get to the courthouse before 5PM the next day that the courthouse is open. If you would like to get banned from NWRRC so that you can do your weekend drug tests on Monday just slap a staff member. This author knows from experience that that works ever time. Just be prepared to do another 18-24 months before you can do all your drug tests at the courthouse.

The 503 number has been dead the past two nights. I'll try the 866 one tonight if the 503 one is still down.

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