U.S. Probation Computer Monitoring Agreement a.k.a. CHESTER Program

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Computer Monitoring Agreement:

The U.S. Probation Office (USPO) has a standard Computer Monitoring Agreement that they try to get everyone to sign that is subject to computer monitoring conditions. This agreement also known as the CHESTER Program is clearly designed for sex offenders and does not apply to people on supervision for lesser crimes. If you are not a sex offender DO NOT SIGN THIS CONTRACT! Two probation officers from the same USPO office here in Portland, Oregon have tried to get me to sign this before I could install computer monitoring software on my system. Both times I refused and both times I was eventually told that I did not need to sign it.

I am on supervision for making a threatening communication and will still be monitored by RemoteCom when that case ends because I will be on supervision for assaulting a federal officer (based on my history the judge wants me monitored). Had I signed this contract I would have agreed to unnecessary restrictions far in excess of anything ordered by the court. Conditions that the court would not be justified to order in my case. Conditions against stuff like operating social media accounts, accessing dating websites, and using instant messaging had nothing to do with my crime of conviction or my history. I refused to sign it twice and eventually probation said I did not need to sign it.

Earlier this year I also refused to agree to the RemoteCom User Agreement because it too required that I agree to be treated like a sex offender. Eventually my lawyers came up with an agreement in addition to the boiler plate RemoteCom User Agreement that would result in that agreement only being enforced in ways related to my case and release conditions. The RemoteCom User Agreement like the USPO Computer Monitoring Agreement is a CHESTER Program. Had I been required to sign either agreement that would have been an unlawful delegation of authority. It would have been an agreement to transfer the power the court has to impose release conditions to the probation office and a third party company.

I started using the term CHESTER Program after sharing this with a counselor that probation sent me to see. He though it was stupid, said that I should not sign it, and called it a CHESTER Program. Good this I was ordered to go to counseling.

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