Portland Police Officer Andrew Caspar Fired for Delayed Response

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Portland Police Officer Andrew Caspar has been fired for his delayed response to a welfare check in 2019. When he did arrive he allowed a suspect to "briskly walk away" citing an Obama era policy of not chasing suspects. He probably would have kept his job despite those things had he not been found guilty of lying about it to an internal review board. The suspect was never apprehended as far as we know and not much is known about the nature of the call beyond it being a welfare check. Now he would be getting his own welfare check from the unemployment office had he not been fired for cause which disqualifies people from receiving unemployment benefits in Oregon.

According to the Oregon Criminal Justice Information Records Inquiry System (CJ IRIS), Andrew H. Caspar had been working with the PPB since 1998. His DPSST number was 35444. According to public records the Heyden puts the H. in Andrew H. Caspar. He is 48 years old.

An arbitrator ruled in Caspar's favor earlier this week overturning his termination and ordering him reinstated with back pay. The arbitrator claimed that he was not intentionally dishonest.

So, it seems officers can get away with providing materially false information simply by claiming ignorance as to its accuracy.

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