Demetria Hester Has a Criminal Record and Assaulted Jeremy Christian

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"I maced him as I saw him putting his bag down." Demetria Hester (alleged assault victim). Demetria Hester can be seen on tape macing Jeremy Christian as he was walking away from her on the Max the day before the stabbing incident for which he is currently on trial. The prosecution offers her testimony and the video to support charging Christian with assault for throwing a Gatorade bottle at Hester after she assaulted him with the mace. At a pre-trial hearing last year Jeremy lashed out at Hester saying, "I'm the real victim." Video evidence shows that he was telling the truth.

No evidence has surfaced supporting Hester's claim that Jeremy threatened to kill her before she maced him. He is obviously ranting about something on the train and saying something to her before she maced him, but there is no audio to prove what he said. From his body language it looks like he was having some last words before going home for the day. He says something, kind of points at her, turns around, and starts walking away. Then she maced him, continued macing him as she followed him, and then he threw a Gatorade bottle at her. After being hit with the bottle she stopped macing him and he continued on his way. This looks like textbook self defense on Jeremy's part. He used some force, just enough to stop her from attacking him, and then he left the area. If only he had done the same the next day everyone would have been just fine. She should be the one on trial for assault stemming from that incident.

People have made a big deal about the fact that Demetria told the Portland Police what happened and the officers did nothing to Jeremy Christian until after the next day's stabbings. I hate the Portland Police and I run a website called "Cop Blaster" so it should come as no surprise when I say that I rarely defend the actions of police officers. I am defending the Portland Police officers' decision not to pursue Jeremy Christian in response to Demetria Hester's complaint. Any reasonable officer that looks at that video would conclude that she assaulted him and not enough evidence exists to justify charging him with the threats she said he made. I've found myself on the receiving end of bogus police reports before. In one incident a woman that was mad at me for not removing a posting from a website filed a false police report in early 2012 accusing me of stalking her several years. If such allegations alone justified an arrest I would have been in jail falsely accused of stalking based solely on the damsel in distress act of a serial snitch.

If Demetria Hester were a man and Jeremy Christian were a woman, Hester probably would have been arrested had she been a he and he had called the cops to report that he maced a woman. Unfortunately due to a double standard that exists in our society they probably just laughed at her and gave her a warning not to mace people anymore.

Demetria Hester also accuses Jeremy Christian of claiming to be a neo-Nazi that was on the train to recruit people. Jeremy Christian is not a neo-Nazi. I base my conclusion on several factors. When I first met Jeremy in the chow hall at FCI Sheridan in January of 2014 he was not sitting at the skinhead table and he had a full head of hair. Now, sure a lot of white guys that are not part of a white supremacist prison gang are white supremacists, but neo-Nazis are another level of white supremacists. In prison neo-Nazis roll with skinhead gangs and have their own tables in the chow hall. Jeremy clearly was not and has never been a member of a neo-Nazi organization. Had he been a former member he would have been beaten up or killed for being a drop out. When I was reunited with Jeremy at the Multnomah County Detention Center (MCDC) in July of 2017 he explained how he used Nazi salutes to mock demonstrators at a free speech rally and how people have been using pictures of that out of context. He explained that he had made references to his Norse heritage and that people were labeling that as white supremacist speech. He talked about nihilism and how people were using his nihilist beliefs to support allegations that he is a white supremacist. I believed him because my experiences with real Nazis have taught me how to identify one and Christians's characteristics differ from those of real Nazis.

I spent over a year on the yard at the United States Penitentiary in Victorville, California (USP Victorville). The general population there is a segregated society where everyone is racist because they are organized based on race and everyone thinks their race is the best. I was categorized as an independent white guy from the Northwest. So, I was part of the Northwest Whites. Our table in the chow hall was right next to the skinhead table. The skinheads ran the whites. The skinheads where led by the AB, NLR, ARM, and active members of other white supremacist groups. There was a white supremacist church service organized for pagans. This was an official church recognized by the Bureau of Prisons (BOP). During religious services there would be a room for the christian service, one for the Muslim service, and another for the pagan service. Most pagans had a religious book in their cell called the "Poetic Edda." It is true that Norse mythology plays a large role in the Nazi paganism, but paganism in not nihilism. Nazi paganism involves a belief in multiple gods based on Norse mythology. Nihilism rejects all religious principles including paganism. It is not possible to be both a nihilist and a neo-Nazi because as a nihilist Jeremy Christian rejects all religious principles including paganism.

Finally, Shawn Forde accused Jeremy of calling himself a "viking" and that "viking" is white supremacist code. That is ridiculous. It is true that vikings existed in Scandinavia, Jeremy Christian claims to be of Scandinavia roots, and that Scandinavia is the origin of Norse mythology. Unfortunately, some white supremacist groups have hijacked viking history believing that they descend from vikings, but that does not mean that someone claiming to descend from vikings is a white supremacist. My ancestors are from Ireland and sometime I've called myself an Irishman. The Irish are considered to be part of the Aryan race, so was I calling myself a white supremacist? Of course not. Someone like Jeremy would respond to white supremacists hijacking his viking heritage by invoking it himself more and asking why should he have to defend himself from allegations of white supremacy just for being proud of his heritage.

Personally, if white supremacists were to start using Irish history and symbols I would not disassociate myself from Ireland due to that. I probably would respond by identifying as Irish more with the caveat that I'm not a white supremacist. The Aryan Brotherhood has featured a shamrock prominently in their patch for decades. That does not justify calling someone sporting a shamrock a white supremacist, so assuming Jeremy identified himself as a viking, which is yet to be proven, that just means he is proud of his viking heritage. It does not make him a self-described white supremacist.

Also, there are criminal records online for one DEMETRIA SHONEL HESTER showing a history of assault convictions. She was charged but not convicted of prostitution, theft, and forgery . If this is the same Demetria Hester tied to public records in Tennessee and Washington then this wouldn't be the first time she has assaulted someone On the stand she admitted being from Memphis Tennessee. There are not many people named Demetria Hester and only one it appears with ties to Tennessee, Washington, and Oregon. See uploaded .pdf.

Ms. Hester testified to her priors for theft and forgery today. The news covered it so she won't be doxed here anymore. Doxing her and seeing her in the hallway at the courthouse was really uncomfortable, so I'm almost sorry I did that. If she were not in a state where nobody cares about the case I probably would not have done it, but again I like being able to call out liars as much as possible. Here is some of the news coverage of her record.

The Feds asked me to block home addresses of witnesses on this website on Monday and I said no. Then I explained why I believe that this woman is a liar. I told the Feds if they could get the news to report her criminal background along with her testimony that I would remove her address. Later that day I showed Hannah Ray Lambert at KOIN her background information. So far the news has yet to report it. If a mainstream media outlet reports her criminal history I will take the address down. If Demetria really wants it taken down she should call the news and own up to her past.

After listening to Jeremy Christian's racist rant today I understand why Demetria maced him. I was in the courtroom this afternoon when they played footage of him at the hospital and in the back of a squad car after the stabbing. He went off on a black cop dropping several n-bombs. I think he probably used similar language with her and that is why she assaulted him with the mace. She probably justifies it to herself as dealing with a racist and that the ends justify the means. Still, she physically assaulted Jeremy. Feeling justified is not the same as being legally justified.

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