Gypsy Cop Michael Mellone Now Working for Antioch Police Department

Michael Mellone
Michael Mellone
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Antioch Police Department officer Michael Mellone used to be San Francisco Police Department officer Michael Mellone until he shot Luis Gongora Pat, quit his job, and was hired by the APD. Now that Antioch activists know who he really is and what he did they want him fired. Mellone appears to fit the profile of a typical gypsy cop. Gypsy cops are officers that get into trouble at one department only to get a fresh start someplace else. In Mellone's case he was able to avoid the disciplinary proceeding brought against him by the SFPD simply by resigning, applying to the APD where he had previously worked, and getting his old job back. The day after his resignation, SFPD Internal Affairs recommended that he receive a 10 day suspension. APD probably had no idea he was recommended for a suspension or that he even faced disciplinary action when they re-hired him.

Video of the Pat killing is hard to watch. Not just because it is of a man getting killed, but due to the angle of the camera and poor quality of the video. You can hear officers telling him to get on the ground before shooting him. They claimed he had a knife. The obvious question here is why didn't they try a taser? When outnumbering a man at least three to one with plenty of distance between themselves and the suspect, a competent officer would have had the others cover him with a gun while trying to use less than lethal alternatives.

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Public records list the following information for the only Michael Mellone listed in the San Francisco Bay area and the state of California for that matter. According to these records his full name is Michael Conrad Mellone and he is 40 years old. That age is consistent with his picture which shows a white male in at least his late 30s. Michael Conrad Mellone also appears to have moved to his new address right after the shooting. His new address is about as close to Antioch as his old one, but much further from San Francisco.

Recent address history:

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2019 - Now

Online information indicates that Mellone had owned a home in Danville, but has since sold it. This address is being published with the hope of making it useful to peaceful protesters.

Due to time going by and a decline in public interest in this case, we have removed the home address from this post. It was posted because at the time we believed it might be useful for peaceful protest organizers, but we don't see people really protesting this specific officer anymore and when we did we are not aware of the organizers actually using this information.

The address listing was only intended to be temporary for the duration of peaceful anti-police brutality protests, and although such protests continue we have determined that some addresses including this one are far less useful at this time.

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