Ex-Minneapolis Officer Tou Thao Free on Bail

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Former Minneapolis Police Officer Tou Thao bailed himself out of jail yesterday by posting a $750,000 bond. Tou Thao is one of four former Minneapolis Police officer charged for the death of George Floyd. Thao is charged with Aiding and Abetting Second Degree Murder (see complaint https://copblaster.com/uploads/files/tou-thao-complaint.pdf). We previously explained why Tou Thao is culpable in George Floyd's murder (https://copblaster.com/blast/25740/ex-minneapolis-police-officer-tou-thao-is-culpable-in-floyd-murder). You can see the murder for yourself in the video embedded below this article.

Fellow officers Thomas Lane (https://copblaster.com/blast/25760/ex-minneapolis-cop-thomas-kiernan-lane-already-had-criminal-record) and J Alexander Kueng (bailed out last month). That leaves ringleader Derek Chauvin (https://copblaster.com/blast/25741/derek-chauvins-mugshot-released-following-his-arrest-for-murder) as the only one still in custody.

As former cops they were probably held in protective custody on "walk alone" status. That means that they only get out of their cells for a couple hours a day and no other inmates are allowed out with them. That is done to for their own safety because all ex-cops are marked men in jail.

The complaint lists the following address for Tou Thao, but we are not sure if that is where he is:

1311 130th Lane NW

Coon Rapids, MN 55448

Public records link Thao to the following locations:

1311 130TH LN NW


2016 - Now


Apparently Coon Rapids is the name of a Minneapolis suburb or neighborhood, so that is why there are records for Thao at the same address in different cities.

Thao is also linked to this address but we don't know if it is current:

7718 114TH AVE N


2016 - 2020

Possible email address: thaoblue86[at]hotmail.com

Possible phone number: 763-208-3036

Exercise extreme caution around this subject. He is believe to be unarmed and extremely dangerous.

We ask that the above information be used for non-violent purposes only.

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