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Kristina M. Jones is the real name of Lt. Tina Jones, the Public Information Officer (POI) for the Portland Police Bureau (DPSST# 41759). She is the one that usually represents the Portland Police on the news and we believe that she is responsible for many if not most of their press releases as well as the bureau's official statement on social media. In recent days we have caught Lt. Jones in a lie. That lie involves a press release issued by her office on July 3, 2020 (see source link above this article). In that release she claims among other things that federal officers needed to use force on peaceful protesters because a fire had broken out in the federal courthouse, the relevant paragraph read:

"Around 12:46 a.m., demonstrators returned to the west side of the federal courthouse. Once again, demonstrators were warned by the sound truck that the riot declaration was still in effect and they needed to leave the area. At this time, demonstrators started launching mortars towards the federal courthouse and a fire erupted inside of the building where the glass doors had been broken."

The problem with that statement is that no warnings were issued and there was no fire in the federal building. We have reviewed video from several Facebook streamers from before the U.S. Marshals attacked journalists and protesters at 12:46 (see one video embedded below). None of the videos show anything that could even be mistaken for a fire and no warnings could be heard. Some fireworks were shot through the door earlier in the evening, but none of them caused a fire. At 12:46 there were only a few protesters walking around while unsuspecting journalists filmed the front door of the courthouse. Things were pretty quiet so a sound truck would have been easily heard. Then the Marshals suddenly stormed out the door and started gassing people. Lt. Jones' office's press release's claims that "demonstrators were warned by the sound truck that the riot declaration was still in effect and they needed to leave the area" and "a fire erupted inside the building" are flat out lies.

In a July 3rd Twitter video (ex: Lt. Jones said that people have tried to burn buildings with people inside. That is not true. None of the fires set by protesters including those in buildings could have possibly burned down those buildings. She is mostly referring to the Multnomah County Detention Center (MCDC) which does house inmates, but it is virtually fire proof. The walls are pure concrete and there is nothing the protesters could do that would cause the building itself to burn. The Portland Police have constantly claimed that they have been acting to protect the lives of the inmates in that building when in fact their lives have never been in any danger at all. The other fires she was talking about appear to be small fires in trashcans that are sometimes inside buildings, bonfires in the streets, and dumpsters outside but adjacent to buildings. She would have you believe that burning a dumpster next to a building with people in it equates to trying to burn down a building with people inside.

We also spoke to the woman that the Marshals had kidnapped and taken captive earlier in the evening. She reported no fires of any sort in the courthouse at that time or any other time. According to her, the Marshals let her go without charges once they reviewed the evidence and saw that she was just filming.

Lt. Jones is often the first and only voice that the mainstream media bothers listening to most of the time. When there is an incident involving the police that is big enough to warrant a statement from her, the news typically takes what she says and reports it as fact. The Portland Police have a close relationship with the local news media. So much so that being a local news reporter often serves as a stepping stone towards cushy government communications jobs. Law enforcement is one of if not the biggest source of news tips that there is. The news cannot afford to alienate the police because a blackout from them would be devastating for their business. When there is an incident involving the police, the policy of the mainstream press is to ask the police what happened and report their answers as the truth unless there is undeniable evidence to the contrary that they can't ignore.

Local mainstream media bias has been on full display recently due to the George Floyd protests. Mainstream news reporters are afraid to embed themselves with the protesters where they could learn the truth. They stand back a great distance if they bother to show up or rely on their helicopter if they bother to report anything at all. They act like the protesters are making things to dangerous for them when in fact it is the police that are making things dangerous for them. Surely Lt. Jones has a hand in this because when seeking an explanation, the news relies on her rather than looking for the truth. Lt. Jones takes a little bit of truth, twists it to best fit her objectives, and piles on lies to create a false narrative that would make Goebbels jealous.

Records show she is a well paid propagandist:

Full Name: Kristina Jones

Job Title: Police Lieutenant

State: Oregon

Employer: City of Portland

Annual Wage: $139,515

Monthly Wage: $11,626

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