Cop Blaster Ads Still in Federal Courthouse After Over 2 Years

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A live streamer and cop watcher using the handle Halospaced in Portland, Oregon commented to us last night that the United States Marshals and other courthouse staff at the Mark O. Hatfield United States Courthouse have failed to remove our advertisements from the holding cells despite having over two years to do so. The founder of is a former federal prisoner that would make a point of promoting the website to his fellow inmates as much as possible until he was finally sentenced to time served in November of 2018. Often those promotions included posting fliers about the site in common areas of housing units and writing the URL on cell walls or in this case using his shackles to carve the URL into the metal benches in the courthouse holding cells. Last night we contacted Halospaced about an incident that took place the night before when an unidentified person disappeared into the courthouse after Marshals attacked the crowd.

That person turned out to be Halospaced herself. She described how they broke her foot while dragging her inside and taking her upstairs. She was then placed in holding cell 24 for a few hours before being briefly questioned and released without charges. She says she did not give them any useful information about herself or anyone else and that they didn't even know who she was because she had no identification. After describing what happened to her foot and telling us that she was not charged, she added "actually, Cop Blaster, I saw your carved into the bench in room 24" (see video below).

Funny that the Marshals or other court staff have not simply painted over the advertisements. Assistant United States Attorney (AUSA) Gregory Ralph Nyhus would complain to the court on a regular basis with accusations that the site was endangering court staff by posting their home addresses. One would think that if they were so worried about it they would get rid of the carvings. The only reason the carvings make such great ads is that they just scraped away the paint but did not damage the metal underneath, so they could have just painted it over by now.

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