Mark Morgan Orders Border Patrol to Patrol Federal Courthouse

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Mark A. Morgan, the Acting Commissioner of Customs and Border Protection has ordered U.S. Border Patrol agents to patrol the Mark O. Hatfield United States Courthouse in Portland, Oregon despite that courthouse being nowhere near the border. In a fiery interview with Fox News (video embedded below article) he calls the peaceful protesters that have drastically improved the exterior aesthetics of the building "criminals" that brought "weapons" including "lasers ... with the intent to destroy a federal building." We kept a close eye on the Facebook live streamers the past few nights and the only incendiaries we saw were fireworks. One protester did get arrested with a gun but he never tried to use it. We have seen several incidents of federal officers including U.S. Marshals needlessly storming out of the building and attacking the crowd. Sometimes this has been in response to throwing fireworks at the building or heavier objects at windows, but none of that justified shooting "less than lethal" rounds indiscriminately into the crowd. We have also seen incidents in which the crowds have been dispersed for the most part leaving a few people standing around or filming that have been attacked without anyone throwing anything at the courthouse ( At times the feds have established a perimeter around Terry Schrunk Plaza and Chapman Square which are technically owned by the federal government, but they have not stopped there. Federal officers have left federal land at least twice to chase down people whose only offense appears to have been shining green lasers at them from across the park blocks. In those incidents, the feds chased them past the county courthouse which is not on federal land. Unless Governor Kate Brown invited these officers to the state they are violating the state's sovereignty at that point.

This surge in federal activity around the courthouse was first noticed the day after United States District Judge Michael Simon ordered the Portland Police and those operating at their direction not to target journalists by making them exempt from dispersal orders. It also comes after Governor Brown ordered that tear gas not be used unless life is at risk or a riot has been declared. The Portland Police have responded by leaving journalists alone and declaring more riots. The feds have responded by taking it upon themselves to attack protesters the way the Portland Police had been before the order. This has led to many unsuspecting journalists to think they were safe to film only to be attacked by federal officers not subject to the order. The federal presence has grown more prominent each night since July 3rd when they first stormed out of the courthouse and made their presence known. Last night there was huge a line of military looking men guarding work crews as they worked overtime boarding up the windows of the courthouse. This had a chilling effect on protesters and journalists concerned that they may use lethal force.

What is the border patrol doing guarding a courthouse anyway? Are they lost? If they are there than whose guarding the border? Those are all good questions. They clearly are not lost and the Trump administration has obviously made defending this courthouse from non-violent Americans a higher priority than defending the border from violent illegal aliens. One of Donald Trump's campaign promises was to build a border wall, but he has not made good on that promise and now not only is he weakening border security, he is using precious plywood to board up windows that could have been used to board up the border. This is turning out to be a great example of Trump's hypocrisy. A tough on immigration President that promises to build a wall and beef up border security only to waste building supplies and weaken border security. The Border Patrol can't be in two places at once, so President Trump needs to make up his mind. Does he want broken windows or a broken border?

Until the President can make up his mind, people need to put pressure on Border Patrol officials themselves to honor their oath to protect America by not targeting American citizens. To those ends we looked into Mark Morgan personally and have found public records for on Mark Allan Morgan in Stafford, Virginia. According to our research the age of this Mark Allan Morgan is 55 which matches Wikipedia's guess that he was born in 1964 or 1965 ( His address history includes the Wilshire Federal Building in Los Angeles dated at the time Mark Morgan was working for the FBI in Los Angeles, he other Los Angeles addresses beginning in 1997 right after Mark Morgan was hired by the FBI in Los Angeles in 1996, his first Virginia address is reported as being in Fredericksburg in 2007 the same year Mark Morgan started working at the National Center for the Analysis of Violent Crime, he then had an address in Connecticut dated the same year that Mark Morgan became the Assistant Special Agent in Charge of the New Haven Field Office, he also had an El Paso address dated the same two years that Mark Morgan was the Special Agent in Charge of the El Paso Division, and until 2014 he was listed as the owner of a home in Missouri since 1988 when Mark Morgan worked for the Platte County Sheriff. Due to the aforementioned facts we believe that this Mark Allan Morgan is the same Mark A. Morgan that is currently in charge of CBP. The likelihood of someone else also named Mark Morgan being the same age and linked to all those locations at those times is practically none.

We are posting the following information that is publicly available to protest Mark Morgan's decision to invade our state with his men:



DOB: JUN-1965

AGE: 55



2007 - Now


As always we ask that nobody use the above information for any illegal purposes including but not limited to damaging property, threatening or physically harming people. We do encourage people to peacefully protests at this location just as we have others in recent weeks. We find that protests outside the homes of government officials tend to be far more peaceful than those that take place outside government buildings. We believe this is due to police not attacking protesters as much and the fact that protesters know that by chanting outside the homes of government officials that they are being heard. The address listing is only intended to be temporary and we will take it down when we see an end to non-violent protests against police brutality across America. We are also willing to take down the address should Mr. Morgan recall his men from our state.


We are now giving Mr. Morgan two options for removing his address:

Option 1: Ask President Trump for permission to withdraw all Border Patrol personnel from the state of Oregon and say that he is doing so at the request of

Option 2: Personally order all Border Patrol personnel in the state of Oregon to leave.

Had a chat today with someone working for the feds. He seemed concerned about addresses of "really high up" officials he did not name. This left me with the impression that one or possibly both addresses listed for Chad Wolf and Mark Morgan actually are current. That would be a shock to me because of how high up they are and the fact that a lot of people that high up purchase their homes through trusts. The trusts act as proxies that keep their names from being linked to their current home addresses in public records. If that is not the case here then who is in charge of their security and why do they deserve to paid so much?

We do believe that they own the properties, but we don't know if they reside there right now.

This article has been updated with a couple of options for Mr. Morgan should he want certain information removed. Since any request made by him to withdraw Border Patrol agents from the state would likely be met with resistance from the President, we would be satisfied if he would just try.

Today The Oregonian covered the arraignments of the arrests Mr. Morgan was referring said that one the defendants "was carrying a firework mortar that looked like it was 'part of a potential pipe bomb,'" So, it turns out there was no pipe bomb.

His people are such pussies that they cry with claims of being assaulted when people point green lasers at them.

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