Jacob Blake Video Shows Blake Shot in Back at Point Blank Range

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This disturbing video shows Jacob Blake of Kenosha, Wisconsin brutally gunned down by police in front of his three children and other witnesses in broad daylight. Blake was lucky to survive being shot in the back multiple times at point blank range and he is still in the hospital. The cameraman claims to be traumatized. The children, all of which are less than 10 years old, will likely need years of therapy. We do not know who the officers responsible for this are at this time, but rest assured we will do our best to find out and when we do we will publish absolutely everything we can find out about them.

This is just the latest of more brutal attacks on black men caught on camera this summer alone than we can count off the top of our heads. It was not too long ago when people did not have social media and smart phones with cameras to capture what police officers are really like. Police shooting people without justification is nothing new, but being able to prove it is. Videos like this are why people have been protesting for months and why we hope they will continue to protest as long as it takes to at least hold police accountable for doing things like this.

Tonight the people of Kenosha took to the streets and somehow a probation office caught fire. That is how we learned of this. We originally hoped this was over people realizing that probation tries harder to find excuses to send people back to prison than helping them re-integrate into society, but then we saw this video.

UPDATE: Rusten Sheskey has been named as the officer that pulled the trigger. More on him later.

Today the DA refused to file charges against the cop responsible for this https://copblaster.com/blast/25929/kenosha-police-officer-rusten-sheskey-named-as-jacob-blakes-shooter

Sad news from USA Today today, Jacob Blake is paralyzed and according to his attorney he will need a miracle to ever walk again. There is some good news though, he is now represented by Ben Crump. Ben Crump is one of the best civil rights lawyers in the country, so sitting or standing Blake will have someone fighting for him.


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